Down A Different Path
By Melody
     “J we never get any alone time.” Karly said.
     “I know baby, I’m sorry.”  JC told her.
     “I mean the whole reason I came on tour was so that we could spend some
time alone.”
     “Kar I’m sorry babe.” Karly sighed.
     “It’s ok.  At least we’re alone right now.”  She smiled at JC from across
the table.  The rest of the guys were out.
     “A movie?” JC asked her.
     “Sure Jayce.  Which one?”
     “Doesn’t matter to me.”  JC looked at Karly and brought her close to him
and gave her a sweet kiss.
     “Mmm…” Karly said happy to be with her man.  Lance, Chris, Joey, and Justin
were great of course, but nothing was like spending time with JC.  Karly and JC
had just settled down for What Women Want when the guys came in.
     “Oh man.  Hey K!” That’s what Justin called Karly.  “Sorry we came in like
this.  We finished dinner and didn’t have anything to do so we came home.”
     “Don’t worry about it Justin.” Karly told him.  “I should probably be going
now anyway.”  Karly turned to JC, gave him a kiss, and said, “See ya tomorrow J. 
Buy guys.”
     “Bye bye bye!” they all chorused.  Karly laughed and the rest of the guys
went to their rooms except Lance and JC.
     “Things ok with you and Karly?” Lance asked.
     “Yeah I guess.  It’s hard to be alone with her.” JC said.
     “I know man.  But hey, at least you have someone.  Justin has Britney but
me, Chris, and Joey, well Joey kinda has Kelly and all-”
     “I get what you’re saying bro.  Thanks.  It’s just I wish that we could be
alone more without all the interruptions.”  Lance yawned and said, “Well I’m
gonna hit the sack but don’t worry JC.  You and Karly will make the time.
     JC knew Karly would be up so he decided to call her.  “Kar?”
     “Yeah JC?”  She knew who it was.
     “Do you wanna take a picnic to the park tomorrow?”
     “Sure.  I’m glad you called.”
     “Me too.” JC told Karly. “I feel bad how we got interrupted before.
     “We’ll go out next time.  I’ll come over in the morning ok?”
     “Yeah ok.  I love you Karly.” He said.
     “Love you to JC.”  Karly was the best and JC truly did love her.
     JC went to bed and got up early the next day to pack the picnic for him and
Karly. “Where ya going with all that food?” Chris asked when he got up.  Soon
everyone was awake.
     “My guess?  It’s for Karly.” Lance teased.  The phone rang and Joey picked
it up.  “Hey! Hi Johnny!  What?!  Today?  Oh ok.  In an hour?  Alright.  Bye. 
JC don’t put anymore food in for that picnic.  In fact, you should probably just
take it out.”
     “What?” JC asked.
     “Well Johnny says we gotta go to an extra rehearsal or something.  We have
to be there in an hour.”
     JC was upset.  His plans with Karly were ruined. “Oh man!  What should I
tell Karly?”
     “Sorry JC.” Justin said.  “I know that it’s hard.”
     “Well you guys can see if there’s anything in there that you want. I gotta
call Karly.”  Ding dong the doorbell rang.  Karly was at the door.  Sigh.  JC
opened the door and said, “Hey Karly.” She smiled and then stopped when she saw
he wasn’t.
     “JC what’s wrong?” Karly asked.
     “Let’s step outside.”
     “Sure.  But what’s wrong?”
     “Kar we can’t go on the picnic today.  Johnny wants us to go in an hour for
an extra rehearsal or something.  We’re probably gonna be there all day.”  She
looked crushed and JC felt horrible.
     “JC I don’t know if you remembered but I thought you did when you called
last night about the picnic-”
     “What is it girl?”
     “Today’s our anniversary.”
     “Oh Karly.” JC said softly.  “I’m so sorry.  I completely forgot about it
with everything that’s been going on lately.”
     “Look J it’s obvious we don’t have enough time together so maybe we should
just take a break till things aren’t so busy.  We’re heading in different
directions and it’s not good.”  Karly was breaking up with him?  No this wasn’t
supposed to happen!
     “But Kar I don’t want to take a break.  I love you c’mon.”
     “J I think it’s for the best right now.  I still love you too but things
are just too crazy.  We both need the time apart.”  Karly leaned forward and
gave JC a long and sensuous kiss but JC didn’t respond.  He didn’t quite get
what was happening.  “Goodbye for now.”  And she walked away.  JC sat down on
the steps and started to cry softly.  Before he knew it the tears were cascading
down his cheeks.  Then he remembered something he told Karly along time ago when
they were first together.  Karly had asked JC if he thought they would still be
together in a year.
     He had said, “Of course we will.  We’ll always be together.  But you know
what?  There may come a time when we aren’t so happy and the love may fade for
awhile and we may start to go down different paths.  And we may even get lost
going down that path.  But we will always be able to find each other because we
are meant to be.”  JC smiled and dried the tears from his face.  Karly was gone
for now but they would find each other again.  Someday.