Chapter 1-Getting back up.
He stared at her with her little blue eyes and brown curly hair. He loved her more than life itself. what life? Without ...without my wife what life is there? J.C. kept pondering, but he knew he had to be strong. If not for him, but for Haley, his little girl. Cold tears ran down his face while he looked out the window with the moon shining bright. Ice cold memories came flooding back like a dam that broke
   She got up walking out to the bright window. He wrapped his strong muscular arms around her tiny waist. "i love you"he whispered. "we love you too" she smiled. "We?" he was confused. After a minute. "Oh my god..we are having a baby!" he laughed and swung her around.
  The alarm went off. He knocked the alarm off the ground. "Ugggh" he groaned. An hour of sleep, this is gonna be great. Haley came running in jumping on the bed. "Daddy! Daddy! I got up! see!" He couldn't but help to laugh. Even through all the heartache and pain and crying..he could still laugh. "I'm so proud of u honey"He smiled. He got up.
   J.C. walked to the kitchen. This house seems a lot emptier..bigger..colder. He grabbed a cup of coffee. Haley came walking out with her little pink dress. "daddy, u gotta do my hair!" haley giggled. LIttle did haley know, that he couldn't be any more sad than before. "ok sweetie" , he put on a fake smile. He tried his hardest to not cry. how am i exactly suppose to do this? i know i have to have three sections

Chapter 2-Nice interuptions
"Well Ms.Hollyworth..This is the kindergarten class" Tracy looked around. they look so cute. " If you have any problems..just let me know ok?" Ms. Smaleys, the principal, smiled and walked off.
         Tracy Hollyworth looked at the little kindergarteners with their little cute outfits. I always did love shopping for my little cousins. Tracy was looking at the different children with their eyes full of curiosity of who she was. "Hello class..I'm Miss Hollyworth but for short you can just call me Miss Tracy" They were silent. Hmmm thats strange. "Now i know for guys know how to talk" She grinned. One little boy, named Charlie,who had blond hair and nice blue eyes, raised his hand.
"There's a girl and her daddy right behind you"
    Its amazing how within not even an hour, you can still be embarrassed. Tracy turned around quickly. "I'm so sorry sir..I.." He smiled a little. "Its ok..Haley and I didn't want to interupt you" She smiled back in return. "It's ok. Its nice to meet you haley" She smiled at the little girl. Cute braids. Haley hugged onto her daddy's pants.
    J.C. kissed her daughters forehead. "Daddy has to get to work before Uncle J gets mad ok?" Haley nodded her head and ran to sit next to a little girl. "Goodday Ms. Tracy" He smiled. Beatiful smile. "Goodday Haley's dad"  

Chapter 3-Blessed FOrgetful Memory

J.C. walked into the studio. "Hey J" He yawned. He was tired,but determined to getting back in the studio and working. "Long night?" Justin felt bad for his best friend. He was just as shocked as J.C. was, when She left. "yea..and remind me to ask your mom about braids." J.C. laughed a little. Justin laughed. "You mean you haven't been playing with barbies lately?" "oh hush up " J.C. rubbed his chin. Damn..I need to shave. That teacher probably thought I was a bum or doesn't matter. "So whats on the schedule for today?" "Probably atleast get the tracks down and then we can start the lyrics" "Good idea" Justin and J.C. began to get to work. The other four were doing some type of promotion, J.C. couldn't remember what but they were due back in a week or so.

    The kids were painting pictures of their families. "Charlie..Charlie" Tracy tried hard not to laugh. "yes..Miss Tracy?" He smiled brightly. That must be a killer during Christmas time. "Well..see its not finger painting exactly..see we have a brush." she wiped off the paint off his fingers. "OOOH..oopsies" He giggled. The little kids started to giggle..all except haley. Tracy walked over and sat next to her. "Nice picture.." She smiled a little. Haley looked up with fresh tears coming down her big beatiful eyes. "Aw sweetie whats wrong?" Haley shook her head and whispered "mommy". Tracy glanced at the picture and it was a picture of her and her dad. seperation probably. "aw sweetie its ok" Tracy hugged her. The bell rang and most of the parents were there to pick up their children.
"We'll continue our pictures tomorow class.."
    Half an hour had pass and she was still sitting there with Haley. "My daddy forgot me" She sniffled. "Hey..I'm sure he's on his know my daddy use to have to travel everywhere so he forgot me too" she smiled. "weeeeelly?" haley smiled a little. "really" tracy smiled. Poor kid. "But I do know someone who is here.." "Who?" Haley was curious. "The tickle monster!" She started tickling haley.
    Dammit..dammit..I'm late. Dammit. HOw can i forget? Easy..Justin kept on rapping..dammit. J.C. parked the car fast and ran up to the classroom. The sight before him was bittersweet,but somehow it didn't end up like that. J.C. walked in. "What are you doing Ms. Tracy?" Tracy looked up.Someone's pissed. Tracy stood up with haley. "We were just getting acquainted with the Ticklemonster..right Haley?" Haley giggled. "Yup Yup". Tracy smiled and looked up at her dad and stop smiling. "I'll see you tomorow Haley" J.C. looked at Haley" Sweetie go to the car ok?" "Daddy.." "NO daddy me..ok sweetie? just go" "Fine..Bye Miss Tracy!" Haley skipped off. J.C. looked at Tracy. "Can you please keep your professional relationship with my daughter?" He growled. Who does he think he is? My gosh its not my fault he was late. "We were playing around..because she felt bad that her father forgot about her, or so she thought"  He was taken by suprise. He figured her for the timid type. J.C. gave her a pissed look "GOodday Miss Tracy" and walked off.

Chapter 4-New knowledge
J.C. was driving back to the studio. Haley was looking out the window, while J.C. was looking at her. Something must be up..she's never this quiet. "How was your day sweetie?" "I met Charlie and..and..oh no I forgot her name!" Haley started to cry. J.C. looked over. "Sweetie its ok..just think for a second." Haley sighed.."I think..I think..oh yea!! JoAnna..but we call her Joey" Haley giggled a bit. "OH and then we paint pictures of our families." It got silenced. J.C. felt a sharp pain go through him. "Um..anything else? " J.C. knew he had to think of something that must of been happier. "OH yea! guess what daddy! Miss Tracy told me her daddy use to travel alot so he would be late too..cuz well i got a ' lil mad. " "Oh really?" J.C. looked at Haley. "IS she a good teacher?" I shouldn't have taken my frustration out on her..but she was acting like her mother.. "oh yea daddy..weeeeeeally nice." J.C. parked the car and helped her out of it. Haley went running into the studio and saw her Uncle J. "UNCLE J!!" Haley jumped up and down. "Hey cupcake" Justin picked her up. J.C. laughed. "What you doing? We need to be recording" J.C. looked at Justin. "OH yea we have a meeting with Clive Davis at Jive Record in orlando. Its more of a dinner type party. He wants you to bring Haley. He loves children, JOhnny said " "Great..why all of a sudden? " J.C. was curious. Now not only do we get set back..but a boring dinner party. "He wants to know a little bit of what direction we are going in our C.D. and plus..i stress HE LOVES CHILDREN" J.C. started to laugh. "hear that Haley? You are going to be the star of tonights event" J.C. smiled. "Yay I get to wear that new dress Grandma sent me!"

    It was a hassle to even be there half an hour late, he thought. First Haley spilled grape juice over her off white dress. Then, she wanted a million different hair -does and on top of it,  and he couldn't find the iron. Justin was outside waiting for him. "What took you so long?" J.C. picked up Haley who was asleep in his arms and pointed to her. "Women..always changing their minds" He laughed a little. Justin laughed with him. "So whose all in there?" J.C. looked at Justin. "OH..just the big man himself, johnny, us, some other record producers, oh and clive's daughter..and man what a looker she is. IF she wasn't older than me..I'd go for her." J.c. Laughed. "You never change". J.C. was walking in and there she was. Dancing with her father, to frank sinatra.Thats his daughter!?!