Chapter 5-suprises and some progress
"I can't go in there" J.C. whispered to Justin. "Uh why not? I mean..are you sick or what?" Justin was confused. "thats..thats HER.." Justin looked at what J.C. was looking at. "Yea i know..Davis's daughter. Pretty huh?..ya know.." "Justin hush! That's..That's Haley's teacher..and I was so rude to her and.." "Hey guys..welcome" Mr. Davis came over with welcoming arms. I guess the song ended. Haley had just waken up and saw her teacher. She jumped out of J.C.'s arm. "Haley.." J.C. panicked.I'm going to look like a doesn't matter though. "OH don't worry Mr. daughter is a teacher. She's harmless" He laughed. OH do I me I know.
    Tracy saw Haley running towards her. "Hey Haley.." She smiled. OH no..that means..he's here. could I have not noticed? My niece is in love with 'Nsync." She looked up and saw the three of them walking over. Justin was wearing a muscle navy blue shirt that very well showed off his physique wearing black pants to match. He was carrying a nice black leather jacket. wonder a lot of girls like him. Then she looked over to the other side where J.C. had been casually carrying a conversation. He was wearing a nice black shirt with black pants. Classic..wait? What am I thinking?
    "Tracy..this is Mr. Chasez and Mr. Timberlake" "You know you can just call me Justin " He smiled. Tracy laughed a little. "Really? I always thought your name was Nick" She smirked. "Funny.."Justin laughed and pretended to be hurt. Tracy looked at J.C. He has nice blue eyes and that smile..."WEll..Miss Tracy we meet again" He said with a sincere voice. Tracy laughed. "Yes we do.." She saw her father's look of suprise. "I'm his daugther's teacher " "Oh really? Thats wonderful..Wow you two must of been suprised" He laughed. "SOmething like that" J.C. answered. "Well lets all go sit down..i'm sure the lil one would love to eat something" Mr.Davis laughed while he saw Haley playing with the forks.
    Tracy was walking next to J.C. down the narrow yet elegant hall. There were two beatiful chandeliers with crystals hanging down. The wall was decorated with a slight nude color with light brown outlines of nice ripe roses . They both kept in silence, both fearing the unspoken though.  J.C. was about to open his mouth to apologize but she stopped him. "No need..I mean I'm sure you just had a bad day or was tired. I know I"ve had quite a few of thoses" She smiled sincerely. "I me. I use to be the biggest brat alive." She laughed. J.C. just laughed along. Amazing, I never thought I could feel like such a jackass in my life.
They all sat down in the dining room. Haley looked up and raised her hand. J.C. looked at his little daugther and laughed a little. Mr.Davis chuckled. "You know dear..this isn't school" He chuckled some more. "You can speak..its quite alright. In fact..I'd be delighted". "Um...Ok. Miss Tracy said that you traveled alot" " OH did she?" He raised his eyebrows at Tracy. She just shrugged and gave an innocent smile. "Yuppers..cause my daddy..was weeeeeeally late. I mean so late..He got angry at Miss Tracy" oh..great. "Haley..sweetie.." J.C. tried to stop Haley. Tracy felt horrible. " It was nothing sweetie..It's just like when you spill a drink on a are upset a little bit..but..hey you can always get a new one. Done and over with" SHe smiled at J.C. That is the most stupid thing I've probably said all day. "OH my goodies! I spilt a drink on my dress" Haley giggled. They all started laughing which helped break the tension. Before they knew it, the food was all ready.
   Justin was engaged in a conversation with Tracy, while Haley was in the family room watching the Rugrats. J.C. stared tentatively at her. She looks so much me. However, she has her mother's soft features.  her mother...J.C. took a deep sigh. "Precious aren't they?" Mr. Davis unintentionally sneaked up on J.C. J.C. smiled a little bit and answered, "More then life itself". Clive Davis had known the problems Mr. Chasez had been facing. It wasn't relatively new news. "It's not easy being a dad..even with a mother, but they make it worth you while." He tried to comforted him. "I know..too bad SHE missed out" He bitterely spit out. Mr. Davis understood the water still ran deep. He decided to bring up something, more comfortable. "So about this C.d.." "It's going to rock. Justin and I have these great ideas, and the guys they sent us some of their ideas while they were in New YOrk. I mean this is more mature us,but still awesome to listen to. It incorporates all of us, while not. It's hard to explain but.." Mr.Davis was laughing, and J.C. was caught off guard. Mr.Davis shook his head. "I trust you guys, J.C. I was about to say..about this c.d..don't work too hard". He laughed a little. J.C. smiled. "I'll try not to"
    "Now Haley say goodbye to Mr.Davis" "Bye bye bye" Haley giggled. Tracy couldn't but help to laugh. It had been over two years since that song had reached number one but somehow it still seemed intriguing. Mr. Davis laughed. "You should come over again should see Tracy's barbie doll collection." "You play barbies? I loove barbies! Daddy just got me a new car for Ken because Barbie liked the red sooo much more and.." Haley was about to go on when Justin interupted her. "You know are my barbie partner..not hers" He laughed and so Haley followed. "Bye Justin" Tracy smiled. "Bye Teache!" He laughed. While walking,Justin winked at J.C. who had a strange expression on his face while he watched the two comedians walk out.
    Mr. Davis had went to talk to the other businessmen. J.C.looked at Tracy and she just looked at him. He decided to break the silence. "So why is it Tracy HOllyworth and not..Tracy Davis" Tracy laughed a little. HE looked strangely at her. "That was my mother's maiden name..I mean with all the press and publicity, I figured it would be a lot easier" "Yea, I can relate. I mean..with Haley and all." "Well it must not be any easier for you" You have no clue. "It's manageable". J.C. left it at that. Tracy could tell he was hiding something but the little frown that formed. "Well..I guess this is goodbye until Monday again" She smiled. "Goodbye Miss Tracy" He smirked a little. "You know...Tracy is.." Tracy was about to finish when something insided of him sparked. " I know just..its just fun" He left walking out. What the hell just happened? He pondered.