Chapter 1

"Come on guys!" JC yelled. He was standing at the front door, keys chiming in his had and foot taping wildly on the floor. "I'm going to leave without any of you!"
"JC, hold on..." Justin said running down the stairs, "I have to get my shoes."
"Hurry up everyone! I'm gonna go out to the car." JC said opening the door. Before he took a step out the door he heard a loud noise coming down the stairs. He turned around and saw Chris, Joey, and Lance rushing out the door.
He sighed with relief. "Come on J,'' JC said as Justin put on his last shoe. "Jamie's gonna be mad at me if I'm late."
"We'll get there man." Justin said walking out the door. JC quickly followed shutting the door behind him.

~15 minutes later: In the car~
JC looked down at the speedometer. He was barely pushing 75.
"So...JC!" Chris yelled from the backseat, making his voice loud enough to get over the blaring music.
"What Chris?" JC asked turning off the radio.
"How long has it been since you've last seen Jamie?"
"About six months. Why?" JC asked looking in the rearview mirror.
"I don't know. Just wondering."
"Do you like her, like her?" Justin asked with a smile.
"Yeah, JC, do you?" Joey asked.
"Guys, she's my best friend...-"
"So? That doesn't mean you can't hook up." Lance said stating his point.
"Leave him alone guys." Chris said. "How long is she staying with us?"
"I don't know." JC said.
"Just telling you she can stay however long." Lance said.
"Yeah, none of us care." Justin said.
"Thanks guys." JC smiled.

~10 minutes later: At the airport~
JC, Chris, Lance, Justin, and Joey were sitting in the lobby place waiting for Jamie's plane to come.
"Flight from Bowie, Maryland has now arrived," the flight announcer said.
"That's her guys!" JC exclaimed, hopping up from his seat. JC ran his fingers through his hair and straightened his clothes. "How do I look?"
"You look fine." Justin chuckled.
"Ok." JC said, taking deep breaths. He turned around and slowly walked to the exit gate. He stood there patiently waiting for a familiar face to come through the door.
Finally she came. She was a young 23-year-old woman with curly light brown hair and blue eyes.
As their eyes connected, smiles spread across their faces. Jamie kept her steady walk until she reached the gate. JC rushed over and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and embraced her tightly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and also hugged him tightly.
"How have you been sweety?" JC whispered into her ear.
"I've been alright. How about yourself?" she asked in a whisper in his ear.
"Same." JC said. Moments later JC pulled back and walked her over to the guys.
"Jamie!" Justin exclaimed hugging her.
"Curly! I haven't seen you forever!" Jamie laughed.
"What about us?!" Chris asked as Justin and Jamie pulled back.
"What's up you guys?!" she exclaimed hugging each guy.
She then walked back over to JC and wrapped her arms around him again. He embraced her too.
"I missed you to much." she whispered.
"I missed you equally as much." JC said. JC pulled back slighly."Let's go get your things and get home.
"Sounds good." Jamie said, pulling back. JC connected their hands together as they walked to baggage claim.
They got her bags and soon were back at home. JC carried her bags up to her room as Jamie followed. He put them on her bed.
"Do you wanna get unpacked or what?" JC asked.
"Yeah..." Jamie said unzipping her bags. "JC..."
"Yeah?" he asked, before he left the room.
"How long do you want me here?" she asked.
"Forever..." JC whispered with a smile as he turned around and left the room to go downstairs. Jamie then turned around with a smile and started unpacking.
After Jamie was done unpacking she decided to take a shower. After she was finished taking a shower she trotted downstairs with her hair still wet.
"Hey Jamie." JC said as she entered the room."We ordered pizza tonight. I hope that's alright."
Jamie shook her head looking around for her favorite kind of pizza. She couldn't find it.
"Don't worry." JC said with a chuckle."I remembered your favorite pizza. It's in the kitchen on the table."
"Yes." she quietly said jogging to the kitchen. JC laughed taking a bit of his pepperoni pizza.
Jamie soon came in with a small box of pizza. She set the box on the floor in front of JC's chair. She then sat herself in front of it too. She opened the box and took out a piece. She then took a bite out of it.
"Mmmm!" she exclaimed as it slide down her throat.
JC chuckled,"I knew you'd love it.''
"I do!" she exclaimed taking another bite.

~Later around 8:30~
"Hey guys!" Joey exclaimed, as if he had a great idea pop into his head.
"What?" Justin asked.
"You guys wanna go clubin'?" Joey asked.
"Yeah!" Lance, Chris, and Justin exclaimed. Everyone then looked at JC and Jamie.
"Now tonight guys. Sorry." Jamie said shaking her head.
"I'll stay with her tonight." JC said.
"Alright." Joey said.

~Hour later~
"Bye you guys." Chris said going out the door.
"Bye you two." Justin said following Chris.
"See ya!" Lance said.
"Yeah! Don't wait up!" Joey said, shoving Lance out the door.
"We won't." JC chuckled as the door shut. "So...I forgot to ask. Did you get out new CD?"
"Yeah." Jamie said.
"Did you like it?"
"No. It sucked!" she joked. "Naw! I'm joking! It was awesome!"
"Well, don't joke like that!" JC laughed, getting out of his chair and sitting on the floor next to Jamie.
"So how are your parents doing?" Jamie asked.
"Their alright." JC said.
"That's cool."
"How are yours?"
"They're pretty good."
"Cool, man!" JC sarcastically said pushing Jamie over a bit. She just sat up and pushed him back.
JC laughed getting into a lay down position. He laid his head on Jamie's lap and closed his eyes. Jamie sat there, smiling, and running her fingers through his hair.
"I'm glad you came to visit me." he smiled, opening his eyes a crack and then shutting them again.
"So am I."
"How's Brit doing?" JC asked.
"Which Brit are you talking about?"
"Your sister."
"Oh. She's fine. She misses you a lot."
"Does she?"
"Yep. She still talks about the old times that we had when you used to live up in Bowie."
"Does she?"
"Yeah. She won't shut up about you and everything that happened."
"She's what now... 16, 17?"
"17 in May."
"That's cool."
"How's Tyler?"
"He's fine. He's going to collage in California."
"Is that where he wanted to go?"
"Ever since he was seven."
"That's good." Jamie said. "So how's life as you?"
JC chuckled opening his eyes to look at her. Jamie was still running her fingers through his hair.
"It's alright. Same old, same old, ya know?" JC smiled closing his eyes once again. "How about you?"
"Oh. It's the same too. Everyone wanting to know how you are." Jamie said, as JC laughed. "What?" she asked, with a chuckle.
"Your to funny." JC chuckled.
"Am I?" Jamie asked trying to keep a straight face.
"Yes!" JC exclaimed, noticing her sudden seriousness. He knew she was joking. He suddenly sprung into a silly face. She burst out laughing as he sat up laughing. JC then got up, leaving Jamie on the floor.
"Where are you going?" she asked ready to stand.
"I'll be back....sit." JC smiled pushing her over.
"Hey!" she laughed as JC went into the kitchen. Moments later he reappeared with two freezing packages.
"What's this?" she asked as JC handed her one and he sat down.
"Popsicle." he simply stated opening his. He waited for her to open hers.
"What are you waiting for?" Jamie asked still opening hers.
"Well...I got blueberry. If you want to trade I will.'' He saw what color hers was,"You got strawberry. Do you want to trade?"
"Yeah." she said snatching his and giving him hers. She then took a lick of hers.
"Goodness girl!" JC laughed sticking his in his mouth.
Jamie examined the Popsicle closer, "Why does it look like lips?" she asked, looking at JC.
JC laughed, "Chris, Justin, and Joey bought them-"
"Oh, that explains it!" Jamie laughed interrupting him.
"No, listen. They like having kissing contests against each other. Me and Lance are stuck judging them." JC just started cracking up at Jamie's face expression.
"That's too funny."
JC and Jamie then finished their Popsicles.
"I think I'm gonna go to bed." Jamie said.
"That's cool." JC said taking her wrapper from her. "You're probably dead tired anyways." he said getting up and going in the kitchen.
"Yeah. I'm pretty beat.'' she said getting up also and following him. "JC...I have a question."
"What is it?"
"Why was Justin so anxious to give me a hug and see me today at the airport?"
"Well... he considers you the older sister he never had."
"Does he really?" she asked shocked.
"Yeah. For the past six months he's always asked something after I got off the phone with you."
"How cute and sweet." Jamie smiled. "I never noticed before."
"Did you know his mother lost a child at birth... she was younger than Justin." JC said.
"No. I never knew that." Jamie thought about it. She wiped her eyes. "I think I'm gonna cry... seriously."
"Oh, don't worry about it." JC chuckled quietly pulling her into a hug. Jamie wrapped her arms around her best friends neck, with a sigh.
"I'm gonna go to bed now." she said giving him a quick kiss on the lips, which she had never done before.
She then walked out of the kitchen. She quickly ran back in with a shocked face. JC had one on too.
"I'm sorry. I meant to kiss your cheek.'' she said.
"That's alright. I know you didn't mean to." he grinned. "Now go... go to bed," he said waving her off.
She then trotted off to bed. And soon JC went to bed.

Joey unlocked the front door. Four loud men came barging through the door.
"That was fun!" Justin exclaimed loudly.
JC woke up from his sleep. He heard their loud voices. He soon leapt out of bed.
"What was your favorite song tonight?" Joey asked everyone.
"I liked when Bye,Bye,Bye came on and we danced to it. Everyone was screaming. It was cool." Chris exclaimed.
"Will you guys shut up!" JC exclaimed in a whisper running down the stairs. ''You'll wake Jamie!"
"Sorry." Lance, Joey, Chris, and Justin said in unison.
"Go to bed. It's 2:30 in the morning." JC said pointing up the stairs.
"Yes Sir!" Justin saluted as he ran up the stairs.
"Not now Daddy!" Chris said with a puppy dogface.
"Now!" JC demanded.
"Fine!" Chris pouted running up the stairs after Joey and Lance. All the guys soon went to bed.

Chapter 2

JC woke up and went downstairs. Nobody was a wake yet. He sighed plopping down in a chair and flipping on the TV. He turned it on Mtv. It was making the video rerun of Brittany Spears.
"That slut." he whispered in a sigh as he turned it to the box. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's video was on. He stood up, turned the TV up and set the remote down. He walked into the kitchen and began cooking breakfast.
About 30 minutes later he was finished cooking, he set the table with two plates, two glasses full of orange juice, and the food.
He went upstairs to Jamie's room. He cracked the door open to if she was awake. He saw that she wasn't. He opened the door and went in. He went to the middle of the bed and at down.
"Jamie..." he whispered shaking her lightly.
"What?" she wined rolling over and almost falling back asleep.
"Get up Jamie." he chuckled pulling the blankets down.
"Why?" she asked pulling the pillow over her head.
"I made you breakfast."
"You did?" she asked peeking out from under the pillow." Now?"
"Yeah, it's done now." JC chuckled. JC got up and grabbed her bathrobe. He brought it over to the bed as she got up and put it on. "Come on." he said taking her hand and leading her to the kitchen.
"Mmm... smells good!" she exclaimed as they entered the kitchen. and sat down at the table.
"Pancakes, eggs, toast, and bacon." Jamie said looking at her plate.
"I hope you like it-"
"I've always loved your cooking, JC."
"I know."
"Hey, keep faith then babe!" she exclaimed.
"Alright." JC chuckled. "What do you want to do today?"
"Can we go and see your family?"
"Sure, that's fine."
"After breakfast, I'll call 'em," he said putting a piece of bacon in his mouth and smiling as he chewed.
They soon finished their breakfast. Jamie went in the living room and started watching the box, which played Sisqo's "Thong Song." JC went to the phone and dialed his parents' number.
"Hello?' a familiar voice questioned.
"Mom?" JC asked.
"Guess what."
"Jamie's in town."
"She is?!"
"Yeah, she wants to see 'yall."
"Does she? Bring her over."
JC smiled, "We'll be over in about two hours."
"I'll be waiting."
"Mom, get Tyler there too."
"He's already here."
"Good. See ya later."
"Bye honey." they both hung up. JC walked into the living room. Him and Jamie were still in their sleeping clothes.
Her clothes consisted of a light blue spaghetti strapped tank top and black pants. His were of nothing more than boxers and a wife beater.
As he walked over to Jamie, she fixated her eyes on him. She noticed his chest muscles and biceps.
"Man JC!" she exclaimed as he sat down next to her on the couch.
"What?" he asked confused.
"Someone's been working out since the last time I saw you."
"Oh, yeah." he chuckled.
"Flex..." Jamie blurted out.
"Come on." she whined.
"No Jamie."
"Please?!" Jamie begged.
"Jamie..."he forced himself not to look in her pleading eyes.
"Why not?"
"Because...why?" she asked poking him in the side. She knew he had always been ticklish. Everywhere.
"Don't..." he chuckled.
"Come on JC..." she said tickling him on his stomach. "Flex for me."
"No! Stop!" he belted out as he tried to get off the couch. She leaned over on him and tickled him so much, he tried getting away as much as he could. He struggled so much that he fell on the floor.
Jamie then hopped on his back. She continued to tickle him.
"Jamie! Fuckin' stop It!" JC yelled in laughter as he turned over on his back. Jamie somehow managed to stay on.
"JC I won't unless you flex for me." she laughed.
"Jamie your goin' down!" he yelled. He managed to find some strength. He grabbed her by the arms and flipped her over. He now sat on top of her.
"Who's DA MAN?!" JC loudly said. He started to flex like a super hero. Jamie got a kick out of it and started cracking up.
Justin then pranced downstairs. He saw the two friends on the floor laughing.
"I won't even ask." Justin said as he stood over them.
"Justin! Help me!" Jamie exclaimed reaching out to him.
"No Justin!" JC said as Justin started tugging on her arms.
Justin laughed as JC wrapped his arms around Jamie's body trying to keep her where she was. Jamie then got free. She ran around and hid behind Justin.
"I'm gonna get you! So don't hide!" JC laughed as him and Jamie circled Justin.
"Don't put me in the middle of this." Justin said stepping out of their small circle.
JC then leapt forward grabbing Jamie in his arms.
"Damnit! Justin! Don't come to me when you need help!"
Justin just laughed going into the kitchen to grab some breakfast.
JC took Jamie's wrists into one hand and extended them straight into the air. He started holding them more tightly.
"JC! Don't!" Jamie exclaimed.
"I know you hate this!"
"Then don't do it."
"Ummm...." he said thinking about it. "No!" he said tickling her underarms.
"JC! Ohmygod!" she screamed. "Stop!"
"Why?" he asked pausing.
"Cause I hate that!"
"So?...'' he said starting again.
Jamie finally got out of his grasp as Justin came back in the living room.
"I'm going to get ready! God!" she yelled storming up the stairs.
Justin looked at JC in shock. "Geez man! She's not even here for a day and she is already mad at you."
"Shit!" JC whispered to himself looking up the stairs as he heard her door shut.
"Go patch it up." Justin said pointing up the stairs.
"Yeah...." JC whispered jogging up the stairs. He went to Jamie's room and knocked.
"Come in..." she said slipping on her GAP t-shirt. She had already put on her jeans.
JC walked in slowly. Jamie was facing the window with a smile.
"Jamie..." he whispered from back of her.
"What?" she whispered trying to sound serious.
JC walked closer and closer. He was soon right behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist. She put her hands on his arms, playing with his fingers that were locked together with each other.
"I'm sorry." JC stated into her ear.
"It's ok," she whispered, leaning her head back on his shoulder.
"I won't do it again. I was just playing around with you." he explained.
"I know." she said, turning around in his arms, "I was just joking."
"You mean you weren't mad at me?"
"No." she chuckled quietly.
"I thought you really were."
"No, I wasn't." she said, pushing him to the door, "Now go and get ready."
"Ok." he chuckled walking across the hall to his room.