Chapter 11


"Hey you guys...I have an idea." Jamie said.
"What is it?" Lance asked.
"Let's play a game of Truth, Dare, or Double Dare."
"Ummmm....." Justin thought. "Ok." All the guys agreed.
"Joey, truth, dare, or double dare?" Jamie asked.
"Double dare."
"Ok...I double dare you to run down the block in just you superman boxers and a cape. You have to act like him too." Jamie said.
Joey sighed standing up. She started striping off all his clothes. When he was down to his boxers and walked over and grabbed his cape from the hanger. He opened the door. He looked around, saw that the coast was clear, then started running with his arms out in front of him. When he got back he saw everyone cracking up. He smiled sitting back down. As soon as everyone could control themselves they started again.
"Double Dare.'' Chris said.
"Ok," Joey evilly said. "I double dare you to go upstairs to Jamie's room, find her sexiest bra, put it on, and come back down modeling it off while singing 'I'm a supermodel.'"
Chris sighed walking to Jamie's room. He dug through her drawer and just grabbed on. It was a black lace silk one. He slipped it on and went downstairs.
Everyone laughed as he walked down the stairs singing 'I'm a supermodel.'
He took off the bra, sitting back down and threw it in JC's face.
"Dare." JC stated.
"I dare you and Jamie to make out in front of us for 3 minutes.
"Wait-"Jamie protested.
"Nope, you gotta do it." Chris laughed.
"Fine-" she whined as JC jumped right to it. They started out by kissing normal. Then about a minute into it they started frenching. Their tongues were in a heated frenzy. The guys were all in shock, because of how natural it came to them. JC seemed to forget the guys were around, because his hand started traveling down to her butt.
"Ok! Ok!" Chris shouted. "Before this becomes rated R you guys best stop!"
"Damn!" Justin exclaimed in shock.
"What?" Jamie asked, wiping her mouth off.
"You guys were really going at it."
JC and Jamie chuckled as they looked at each other.
"Ok...I pick Justin." JC said.
"Tell us what you see in Samantha."
"Jamie's friend?" Justin asked with a sparkle in his eyes.
"Yeah, why do you like her?"
"She's gorgeous!-"
"What's so gorgeous?" Lance asked.
"Her hair, her lips, her eyes....DAMN!" Justin exclaimed once again.
"He's hung on her and never has met her." Lance whispered to Joey.
"I know exactly what you mean." Joey smiled.
"I can't explain her guys! "Justin said smiling inside and out. "When she was on TV. It was like she was a glowing angel."
"Alright...Next!" Chris exclaimed.
"Why did you break up with Danielle?" Justin asked.
"That's easy...she cheated on me with Ben."
"Justin, why'd you ask that?...We already knew that!" Chris whined.
"I don't know. "Justin whined. "I thought there might be more to the story than that."
"Dare." Jamie smiled.
"I dare you to set Justin up with Samantha."
"NO! "Justin exclaimed.
"Ok." Jamie happily agreed.
"No! Jamie..."Justin begged, plopping down in front of her and taking her hands into his. "Please!" he whined.
"I'm afraid I have to Justin, sorry." Jamie smiled as the guys laughed.
"Because it was a dare sweety," she said kissing him on the forehead. He sighed, "You'll be ok. I promise. She'll like you."
"Will she?" Justin asked.
"Have faith boy." she said taking her hands back.
"Fine..." he sighed going back to his spot on the couch.
"Dare." he smiled.
"Ok. Since I'm getting you together with Samantha you have to kiss her on the first date." Jamie said. Justin opened his mouth to speak, but she talked to fast for him to even speak," Don't.... argue with me."
"Fine!" he sight. "JC."
"Truth." JC said.
"Ok. Are you still a virgin?" Justin asked with a laugh. Everyone grew quiet and looked at JC.
JC looked at everyone's face and then he settled on Jamie's eyes, "Ummm..." he mumbled.
"It's alright..." Jamie whispered taking his hand into hers. "I already know. You told me every time."
JC sighed, tightening his grip on her hands. "No I'm not."
Everyone was in shock. JC nervously pulled Jamie into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist.
Jamie looked at Joey, Chris, Lance, and Justin's faces. She chuckled laying her head back on JC's shoulder.
"I don't care you guys. I've know this for a long time." Jamie said. She heard JC sigh in her ear, and she smiled. She leaned her head up and looked at him with a serious face. "You all right?" she asked.
"Yeah. Just relieved." he smiled slightly.
"You know what...guys we should stop." Jamie said.
"No. I'm fine. We don't have to stop." JC assured.
"No, Jamie."
"Well..." Jamie said standing up. She started walking to the stairs. "I'm done then. You guys can play some more if you want." Jamie jogged up the stairs and went to her room.
"No, I'm done." Joey said.
"Go hang with Jamie..." Justin said, pointing to her room. "Now."
"Alright." JC said walking to the stairs.
"JC!" Justin yelled. JC turned and looked at him, "Man I'm sorry about that question."
JC smiled, "It's alright, man." JC said going upstairs.

He got to her door. He knocked three times on the door softly.
"Come in." Jamie said quietly.
JC slowly opened the door, slipped in, and then closed it behind him. He stood there and looked at her back as she looked out the window. He slowly walked to her. He very carefully slipped his arms around her waist and bent his head down to set it on her shoulder.
"I thought you guys were still playing." Jamie questioned softly.
"Naw...we quit. It wouldn't be fun without you playing too." Moments of science went by.
"Why were you so nervous when that question was asked?" Jamie asked quietly.
"Because I thought it would ruin our relationship." JC said.
"When we were based on a friendship relationship it didn't really change anything about us-"
"It still hasn't Josh."
"But I didn't know that." It didn't get by JC that she used his real first name. She usually did use it when they were talking about serious stuff or just talking serious.
"Well now you do."
"I thought, never mind...I don't know what I thought."
Jamie turned in his arms to face him. She put her arms around his neck. Jamie ran her right hand fingers through his hair.
"It's alright sweety. Just forget about it, ok."
"Yeah...I will." he smiled. "I'm sorry."
Jamie gave him a light kiss. "There's nothing to be sorry about, Daddy."
JC smiled, "Alright shorty." he said tightly hugging her.
"I...I love you." he whispered in her ear.
Jamie tightly closed her eyes. "I love you too."
JC turned his head to the left and lightly placed a kiss to her neck. He bent his head back and kissed her on her lips.
"It's late. Are you tired?" JC asked in a whisper.
"Slightly...actually I'm really tired." Jamie smiled in a yawn. "Sleep in here tonight?"
"Yeah." he simply stated. He covered his eyes with his hands, "Get dressed, I won't look."
"That's ok." she said pulling his hands down, "I don't care if you watch or not."
She walked over to the dresser. She got a pair of boxers and a nightshirt out. She laid her clothes on her bed. She then looked at JC with a smile as she pulled her shirt off.
JC bit his bottom lip as he saw her upper body in just a bra. Instead of pulling on her nightshirt she undid her pants and slipped them off. JC smiled at the sight of her before him. She saw the evil smiled on his face and decided to play a tiny trick on him. She slowly began tugging at her underwear and he about went nuts.
She smiled, "I'm just joking." she said pulling her shirt and boxers on. She then slipped her bra off from under her shirt.
"Shorty..." he whined.
"Daddy... don't you need to change?" Jamie asked, changing the subject.
"Oh yeah." he said pulling off his shirt and pants. He had a wife beater on and boxers.
Jamie laughed getting into bed. JC then hopped in after her. She yelped as she almost fell off the bed, but he grabbed her and pulled her to him.
"I love you," he said, scratching her stomach.
"I love you too," she said as she closed her eyes. He was making her stomach feel better, because that day her stomach had been hurting and wouldn't stop.
"That feels really good." Jamie whispered.
"Does it?" JC asked, expanding his region of scratching and rubbing on her body.
"Just tell me when to stop, ok?"
"How far do you want me to go?" JC asked.
"As far as my bra." she smiled.
" took that off." JC smiled.
"I know." she said with a grin.
"How far down?" JC asked shyly.
"My toes..." she said waiting for a response. But instead of a response she got a kiss.
"You will already let me have all of you, anytime I want?"
"No, I just said I'd let you touch or rub there."
"Oh..." he grinned.
"Let's just go to sleep." Jamie said, rolling over half way on him and cuddling.
"All right shorty." he kissed her goodnight and they went to sleep.
The next morning everyone woke up around ten am.
"So... what's everyone's plan for today?" JC asked.
"Going out!" Chris, Lance, Joey, and Justin all exclaimed at once.
"Ok..." Jamie smirked.
After an hour Chris, Lance, Joey, and Justin were gone.
"What do you have planned today?" JC asked Jamie's as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
"I think I'm gonna call Samantha today."
"Oh..." JC chuckled. "For Justin."
"Yeah, sort of...she can stay here, right?"
"Yeah, that's perfectly fine."
"Good." she said. She quickly got out of his grasp and started running up the stairs. "I'm gonna call her now."
"Ok." JC chuckled, as she picked up the phone and dialed her number.
"Hello?'' a familiar voice questioned.
"Sam?" Jamie asked.
"Jams!?" Samantha asked.
"Hey!" Jamie exclaimed, "Long hear!"
"You're tellin' me." Samantha said. "Hey!...I saw you in the music video."
"Oh, I know. What'd you think?"
"It was great."
"Yeah! It's gonna hit number one today on TRL."
"You think?"
"I hope so...ok, I have a question."
"Ask away girl."
"Ok.... I'm temporarily living in Florida with JC and the guys."
"I was wanting to know if you'd come down and visit.... so will you?"
"Of course!"
"You will?"
"But? What's the but about now?"
"I promised someone I'd set you up for one date with him."
"JC? I won't do it. You two are gonna get together."
"Hell no! I already have him." Jamie quietly said so JC wouldn't hear.
"Really? That's great." Samantha said. "But who then?"
"Starts with a J and ends in an ustin."
"Justin? He really wants me to go out with him?"
" wanna know something else?"
"He's scared about it."
"Yep, first he begged me not to because he didn't want you to say no, then.... he's like fine, because he knew I was gonna do it anyway."
"Oh how cool." Samantha smiled.
"So when will you be down?"
"Well, today's Tuesday, I'd say.... Friday?"
"Excellent." Jamie smiled. ''We'll pick you up at the airport."
"Ok. I'll call you Thursday and tell you when."
"So.... I'll let you go so we don't run high phone bills."
"Ok Jams."
"Talk to you later Sam."
"Bye." they hung up.
"So?" JC yelled after he heard Jamie hang up.
"She's coming." Jamie said walking down the stairs. "...Let's play a trick on Justin, ok?"
"Like what?" JC asked taking her in his arms.
"Let's tell him that she said no to both and surprise him when she comes."
"Ok." JC grinned.