Chapter 12


~Later that day~
"We're home!" Chris announced as he, Joey, Lance, and Justin walked in the front door.
"Jamie! Jamie, where are you?" Justin yelled.
"What?" Jamie asked, running down the stairs to the guys.
"Can I talk to you?" he asked.
"Sure, where?"
"Up in your room, I guess." he said leading her up the stairs and to her room.
"What is it?" Jamie asked, shutting the door behind her.
"Did you call her?" Justin asked quickly.
"What'd she say?"
"Ummm....she Justin, don't get mad ok?"
"Just tell me."
"She said no. She doesn't want to ever meet you."
"Why?" Justin asked, obviously hurt by the statement.
"I don't know. She didn't say."
"Oh, thanks anyways." he then left the room.

"Justin, you're coming with me. Go put something nice on." Jamie said.
"Where?" Justin asked.
"Airport to pick someone up."
"Tell you later."
"No. I don't want to."
"What'd I say?"
Justin sighed with a smile as he walked up to his room.

~30 minutes later~
"When does the plane arrive?" Justin asked.
"In about 10 minutes." she said parking. They got out and walking in the airport. They found the right gate and sat to wait.
"Who's coming?'' Justin asked, as the employer opened the doors for passengers to come out.
"You'll see...There she is." Jamie smiled, pointing to a girl.
"I thought you said she wasn't coming!" Justin excitedly said.
"I lied...about everything." Jamie said running over to meet Samantha halfway.
When the two girls met Jamie wrapped her arms around Sam like there was no tomorrow.
"How are you?" Sam asked.
"Great...and yourself?"
"Perfectly fine."
"Come have to meet him." Jamie said pulling Samantha over to Justin.
"Justin, this is Samantha. Samantha this is Justin." Jamie introduced them.
"Hi." Justin said, taking her small hand into his and kissing it," How are you?"
"Great. How 'bout you?" she asked, with a gigantic smile on her face.
"I'm" he smiled, tearing his eyes from hers and looking at her suitcases. He picked them up. "I'll these for you."
"Thank you." Sam said as they walked out to the car and went home.
"We're here." Jamie said, as she pulled into the driveway of their home.
"Cool.... whose house is this?" Samantha asked.
"It's all of the guy's." Jamie responded.
"Yeah, it's all of ours.'' Justin second, as he grabbed her suitcases from the trunk.
"No, you don't have to." Sam said grabbing the handles of the suitcases.
"No, no. I want to." Justin smiled gently tugging them away. "Are you sure?"
"Positive." Justin smiled his million-dollar smile.
"Thanks." Sam smiled back.
"No prob."
"Come on." Jamie said, "Let's go inside. You can meet the rest of the guys."
Jamie, Samantha, and Justin all walked into the house. When they got in they were greeted by JC, Lance, Chris, and Joey.
"Hey guys." Jamie smiled, "This is Samantha."
"Hello..." Sam smiled shyly.
"Hi." the guys chorused.
"This is Lance, Joey, Chris, and...JC." Jamie said putting her arm around JC's back. He happily obliged and wrapped both his arm around her tiny waist.
"Nice meeting all of you." Sam said shaking all of their hands.
"It's our pleasure." Lance said with a smile. He then glanced over at Justin who was glaring at him. "Sorry." Lance lipped to Justin.
"It's alright." Justin lipped back as he saw Sam look back at him.
"Will you help me unpack?'' she asked Justin.
"Sure..." Justin smiled "I'll show you to your room." he said walking up the stairs.
Sam patiently followed him down the hallway to a vacant room.
"Is this ok?" Justin asked setting her suitcases on the bed.
"Yes, thank you." she said politely.
"Good." he smiled. "Do you want me to actually help...or just to go?"
"It doesn't matter. Either one. It's up to you."
"I think I'll help then.... if that's ok with you."
"That's fine." she smiled.
"Ok." Justin said unzipping one of her suitcases.
For the next hour they unpacked her suitcases and got her room organized for her. They had very good conversations and they laughed about different things. Their friendship was getting off to a very good start.
"Well, I think we're done." Sam announced.
"Yeah." Justin said zipping up her suitcases and putting them in the closet to get them out of the way.
"Do you wanna go down with the others?" Justin asked.
"Yeah." Samantha said with a smile.
"Alright." Justin said opening the door for her and motioning her out, "After you."
"Thanks." she said walking out with him following. "And thanks for helping."
"Oh, it's no problem." Justin said, walking down the hall with her,"Do you know JC at all?"
"No, not personally. I moved in, like, right after he moved down to Orlando."
"Oh." Justin replied.
Sam and Justin walked down the stairs to meet the rest of the guys and Jamie.

Chapter 13

"Hey!" Jamie excitedly said as Samantha sat next to her on the floor. JC had his arms around her waist and she was semi sitting in his lap. "Did you bring your whole apartment?"
"Why do you say that?" Sam asked.
"Because it took you an hour to unpack, like, two bags."
"Well...I was talking to Justin. Plus, I had to get situated." Sam smiled glancing over to Justin who was smiling back.
"Oh, ok. Well what do you wanna do?"
"Can we just stay home and talk?"
"I want to." Justin chimed in.
"Sure." the guys agreed.
"Well, I have a question for you Sam." Jamie said.
"Yeah?" Sam asked looking at her.
"Last time I talked to you, you were single."
"I'm still free as a bird," she chipperly said. As Justin heard this her ears perked up.
"Do you wanna be free? Or...?" Jamie asked.
"I don't know. I just haven't found the right guy."
"Ok next..."Lance sighed. "I wanna know about your whole family."
"It'll be boring. Are you sure?"
"Yep. I wanna know too." JC smiled.
"Ok well, my parents are Cindy and Gregg. They are wonderful. They are sensational. They helped me through all the hard times. I worship them for that. I have an older brother. He's 22. He's great. He's like my best friend. Than there's my sister. She's 16. She's equally as great. Oh yeah, my brother's name is Brian and my sister's name is Holly."
"Who are you closer to? Brian or Holly?" Chris asked.
"He helped me through a lot. Like when my grandparents died. And my puppy." Sam smiled.
"And you're close to your parents?"
"Yeah. But we've had a lot of hard times. Once we were so poor we had to live in a trailer park. It was terrible."
"So.... how'd you get out of there?"
"My Dad got a great job. Plus my Grandfather helped my mother go back to collage. She then became a relater."
"That's cool." Lance smiled.
"Yeah. I'm proud of them."
"That's good." JC said.
"Tell Chris about your pug." Jamie said.
"You have a pug!?" Chris exclaimed.
"You are the coolest person in my book now!"
Samantha laughed. "Well he's still a pup. He's got black spots all over him."
"That's cool! Mine looks almost he same. He's just grown. And his mans Busta. What's the name of yours?"
"Why Lucky?"
"Because my Grandfather gave him to me right before he past away. I considered my grandfather as a luck charm. So I was like my pug can be lucky for me now that I don't have my original luck charm anymore."
"If you don't mind me'd your grandfather pass away?" Lance asked.
"Umm....well, a-. He had a terrible heart. It just gave up on him."
"Oh, I'm sorry." JC said, "How long ago?"
"About a year." Samantha quietly said, "We were very, very close."
"Well, how about we get off this subjects. "Joey said, "Have you ever been down here to Florida?"
"No! I am very excited. You guys have to bring me to all the slammin hot spots!"
"Sure thing!" Jamie laughed. It was now 10 p.m.
"Well...if you guys don't mind I think I'm gonna go to bed." Sam yawned.
"That's fine." the guys smiled.
"Wait." Jamie said, looking up at Justin as Sam stood up. "Justin over there hasn't asked or even talked. Do YOU wanna ask anything?"
Justin sighed remembering the promise he made a while back. He looked up at Samantha and smiled, "Will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?"
Samantha was shocked, yet she smiled, "Sure...of course I will."
"Great." Justin smirked as the others hid their smiles.
"Night everyone." Sam said walking up the stairs. She then walked to her room and closed the door. Justin sat there with a smile on his face as the other guys sat there and laughed.
"Night you guys." Justin smiled walking up the stairs to his room.
"Did you see that!?" Chris belted out. "Did you see his cheesy grin?"
"Yeah! It was funny as hell!" Jamie snorted.
"I'd pay money to see that again." JC smirked.
"I definitely would too." Joey said.
"Yeah." Lance chuckled.

Chapter 14


~*~*~*~*~Up in Justin's Room~*~*~*~*~
Justin stripped down into his boxers and wife beater. He paced his room in frustration. He finally grabbed his North Carolina basketball and fell back on his bed.
"Where am I gonna take her?" he asked himself, as he tossed his basketball up in the air. "I really don't know what she likes. Hmm..." he thought hard as he caught the ball coming down at his head, "Does she like movies? Does she not?....Does she want to go to dinner? Or not?....Damn it! I don't know!"

~*~*~*~*~Downstairs with Jamie and the Guys~*~*~*~*~
"Where's he gonna take her?" Jamie asked the guys.
"A basketball game." Joey jokingly laughed.
"Now...he'll go to a romantic dinner." Lance said confidently.
"Maybe...or maybe the movies." Chris said.
"Where do you think?" JC asked looking at Jamie.
"I think none of you are close. Well...ok. Maybe the closest is Lance. I think I'm gonna go help Justin out." Jamie stood up.
"Wait, wait, wait." JC said pulling her back down to his lap. "What are you gonna tell him?"
"Well...Sam just happened to tell, along time ago, her dream date."
"Which would happen to be?" JC questioned.
"Which happened to be a picnic in the park, under the stars. All they would do was talk. You know...get to know each other."
"Oh." JC smiled as Jamie stood up again. He once again pulled her down.
"What?!" she wined with a smile. Her whining was cur in half as JC pressed his lips to her. JC pulled back and smiled. "Ok." she smiled, "That's fine. Can I go now?
"Of course." he smiled as she stood up. He watched as she walked up the stairs gracefully and as she disappeared down the hall.
Jamie walked down the hall to Justin's room and knocked. She heard Justin hop off his and quickly run to the door. He slowly opened it.
"Hey." he nervously said.
"Hey. Can I come in?" Jamie smiled.
"Yeah." he stood to the side as she walked in. He quietly closed the door. She pointed to the bed. "Can I sit?"
"Yeah, go ahead." he said also sitting on the bed. Justin followed her gaze down to his boxers. "Do you want me to put some more clothes on?"
"No...It's just," she said bringing her gaze up to meet his, "hearts on your boxers.... that's very funny."
"Shut up. My Mom got them for me." Justin laughed shyly.
"You seem very nervous. What's up?''
"Well...I don't know where to take her!"
"Oh well, I know.
"You owe me big though."
"Ok, just tell me."
"Ok. Well she told me this along time ago, but knowing her it's still true. She told me her dream date would be a regular picnic, in the park, under the starts, just talking and getting know each other."
"Oh. Jamie your a life saver!" Justin exclaimed hugging her. "You are my best friend now." he said with a laugh.
"Well if you ever have girl problems, in that case date problems, don't be afraid to ask." Jamie laughed.
"I will." Justin smiled pulling back, "What kind of things should I pack for it?''
"Regular things, like, sandwiches, chips, pop, cookies, strawberries, whipped cream..." Jamie smiled, wiggling her eyebrows up and down.
"Should I pack candles?"
"Yes. She needs to be able to see you." Jamie quickly said.
"What about music?-"
"Use you voice. Sing to her. She'll love it. She will also think your very romantic."
"Good. How am I gonna do all this with her here in the house?"
"I'll take her out."
"Thank you. Your a huge help.''
"Yeah, I know...I'll even help her pick out a new outfit. Not a dress, because she hates dresses."
"Well, what should I wear?"
Jamie hopped up from the bed and started through his clothes. About 5 minutes later she walked back to the bed with an outfit.
"This is great." Justin said. She pulled out his kaki pants a wife beater and a dark blue button up shirt.
"Yeah, you'll look good. Now I know what to help Sam look for."
"What?" Justin anxiously asked.
"You'll have to wait just like her." Jamie smiled.
"Please....." Justin wined.
"No, now get some sleep." Jamie said walking to his door. "Samantha and I will leave around noon."
"Ok. Night Jamie." Justin said as he opened the door.
"Night J.'' Jamie smiled walking out and shutting the door behind her.
Jamie walked to the end of the hallway and slowly peeked around the corner. She saw that the guys were still down there talking. She turned around and went to her room. She got dressed for bed. And then got into bed.
About fifteen minutes later at around midnight Jamie heard her door open. She quickly closed her eyes, knowing damn well that it was. A few seconds later she felt someone climb into bed beside her. The arms of the man slowly wrapped around her.
"Don't pretend you're asleep." JC whispered with a smile.
Jamie smirked opening her eyes. She turned in his arms and stared up at him. JC gasped as he saw how the moonlight shown on her face.
JC slowly bent his head down and peaked her on the lips, "So how'd it go with J?" he asked pulling back.
"Fine." Jamie whispered.
"What'd you talk about?"
"How hot he looked in his heart boxers." JC quickly put a serious face on. Jamie chuckled, kissing him."I'm just joking."
"Oh." JC smiled. "So what'd you really talk about?"
"I practically set his date and what he is going to wear. It was pretty funny."
"I bet it was." JC smirked and Jamie smiled shaking her head.
"Their gonna have a great time tomorrow night." Jamie said, "And don't they look cute together?"
"Oh, just the cutest." JC smiled, making fun of her.
"Josh..."Jamie laughed.
"I love you so much." JC said, looking straight at her.
"I love you too." Jamie smiled.
"Can I sleep in here with you tonight?"
"Yeah, you can."
"Good, cause I was going to anyway."
"Bet you were." Jamie chuckled, before rolling over and laying her head on his chest. They talked for a while before falling asleep.