Chapter 17

Instead of stopping, Justin and Samantha continued to sway in the night. For the next ten minutes that's all they did.
"What time is it?" Samantha asked quietly, pulling back a bit.
Justin looked at his watch. "It's about you wanna leave?"
"No, not quite." Samantha smiled, laying her head back on his shoulder.
"Good..." he quietly whispered.
Over the next 4 hours they did a lot of things. First they finished dancing for a while. Then they sat back down and ate strawberries and whipped cream. Then they laid back and looked at the stars while talking. And that's what they finished their night with. Justin packed everything up and they were on their way back home.
At about three a.m., the front door to the house opened. And in came Samantha and Justin.
"You going to bed?" Justin asked in a whisper.
"Yeah. I'm pretty tired." Sam smiled, shaking her head.
"Yeah, so am I." Justin smiled, walking up the stairs with her. They reached her room and she opened the door, ''Well, goodnight.''
"Goodnight." she smiled, reaching up and lightly kissing him on the cheek. She looked at him with a grin, she lipped goodnight to him one more time, then went in her room and slowly closed the door.
Justin stood there and smiled, putting his hand on his cheek. He slowly walked into his room and closed the door.
Over the next week they kept going out. They really enjoyed each other's company. Each night Justin would take her to a new place and get her back at the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday morning Samantha woke up around 9 a.m. She took a quick shower and then she threw on her 'Boys Cheat' shirt and short shorts.
Samantha opened her bedroom door. She walked down the hall to the kitchen. She looked at everyone in the kitchen with a smile. Her eyes rested on a certain blonde. He looked up at her with a smile as he swallowed a spoonful of his cereal.
"Morning everyone." Samantha said as she took a seat at the kitchen table next to Justin.
"Sleep alright?" Justin asked, turning his head and looking at her with a smile.
She smiled shaking her head, "Yeah, I slept pretty good."
"That's good." Justin smiled. He stood up and walked to the sink. He rinsed his bowl out. He then quickly walked back to the table and sat back down next to Sam.
Justin leaned over to Samantha. He put his lips up to her ear, "Go out with me again tonight?" He asked in a whisper.
Samantha's body tingled as his lips brushed her war with every word. "Okay." she smiled shaking her head.
"Are you hungry?" Justin asked, as he reached under the table and grabbed her hand into his.
She smiled accepting his hand in hers. "No...I'm not hungry."
"What's up with him?" Chris asked looking over at JC.
"I don't know." JC smiled.
"Should we have a hand check?"
"No..." JC laughed, "Their just holding hands."
"Better be..."
JC just laughed and looked at Jamie as she entered the kitchen.
"Hey." JC smiled, as Jamie walked to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body to his. She leaned against him and he rested his head on her side.
"Morning." she said, running her fingers through his hair continuously.
"You know... that's not true." Justin said to Sam.
"What's not?" Sam asked.
"Your shirt. Not all guys do that."
Samantha smiled. She looked down at her shirt and then back up at him, "You don't, right?"
"Correct!" Justin grinned.
"Good." Sam smiled, ruffling his curls.
"Sam..." a voice called.
Samantha looked up at the person who called her name, "Yeah Jams?"
"Can I talk to you?''
"Yeah." Samantha said, letting Justin's hand go. She then rose from her chair and followed Jamie back to her room.
"So what's up?" Samantha asked, shutting the door behind her.
"Nothing. So what's up with you and Justin?" she anxiously asked.
"Nothing." Samantha said with a dreamy look.
"Yeah there is...are the dates good, or bad?"
"GREAT! They have all been awesome."
"Are you going out tonight?"
"Yeah. He asked me this morning."
"Awesome!" Jamie exclaimed, "Where?"
"I have no clue yet. But I can't wait."
"Samantha!" a voice called out. Moments later a knock on Jamie's door was heard.
"Who is it?" Jamie questioned.
"It's Justin. Can I come in?"
"Yeah, come on in." Jamie smiled as the door slowly opened.
Justin slowly opened the door. His bright smiling face made Jamie and Samantha both smile.
"Whatcha need, Justin?" Jamie questioned.
"I just wanted to tell Samantha to dress to dress normal tonight. You could even go in that if you wanted."
"Okay.'' Samantha stated, as Justin gave her a wink. He then turned to the door.
"Bye guys." he said, before shutting the door behind him.
Jamie turned and looked at Samantha.
"What?" Sam asked with a grin.
"You two are so gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend soon. I can feel it."
"Why do you say that?"
"Do you even see the way he looks at you? It's like you're the only girl in his eyes that ever existed!"
"Whatever! He does not!"
"Yep. He does. You just can't see it, because you're staring at him the same way." Jamie stated matter of factly.

Chapter 18

"So where you gonna take her?" Chris asked.
"What? Who?" Justin asked.
"I heard you tell Sam to dress normal... so where ya taking her?" Chris smiled.
"Well... I was thinking miniature golfing. But I don't know-"
"That'd be great!" Joey interrupted, "Then you could teach her how to putt, if you know what I mean.," he said wiggling his eyebrows up and down.
"Man!" Justin exclaimed, while throwing a pillow at his friend, "Joey, you need to get a girlfriend or something!"
"Are you gonna eat here or...?" JC questioned as Joey laughed.
"Probably make her dinner here... that's why I need you all out of the house by 6:30... you can come back two hours later. We'll be gone by then."
"Man!" Chris exclaimed.
"Puh-lease!" Justin wined.
"Fine." JC said. "We'll go see a movie or something."
"What'd I miss?" Jamie questioned as her and Sam walked down the stairs.
"We're gonna go see a movie tonight. EXCEPT Justin and Samantha." JC smiled as Jamie sat down gently on his lap.
"Okay.'' Jamie smiled, as JC slowly placed his lips on hers.
Jamie smiled pulling back. She started moving around trying to get comfortable. It seemed she forgot where she was sitting though.
"Stop..." JC whispered, trying to control himself.
"What?" Jamie asked, confused.
"Stop moving around. If your gonna do that sit on the floor or something."
It then dawned on her as to what JC was referring to, "Oh...'' she smiled, lightly kissing him, "Sorry."
"It's okay." he smiled, tickling her side.
"Don't, you dork!" Jamie exclaimed in a whisper. She laughed quietly as she began tickling his side too.
Samantha sat on the floor, as the guys talked. She smiled as she watched her best friend and her new friend go at it in a tickle war.
Little did she know Justin was sitting there staring at her. He couldn't get over her. Her hair. Her smile. Her eyes, nose, lips. Everything about her was perfect in his eyes.
"Okay, okay. I give up!" Jamie laughed. She held out her hand to shake on it. JC just pushed it away.
He puckered up his lips at her, "Can I have a kiss instead?"
"No. People at war don't kiss."
"Well, fine then!" he started, tickling her again.
"Okay! Fine!" she said, peaking a quick kiss on his lips.
"No... I get a better one." he wined.
"No, you said a kiss. Not more kisses."
"God!" he pouted. He sat there, lips puffed out and eyes looking at the ground. But you could still tell he was playing around.
"Fine, anything for my little Joshy." she said, bring her hand up and squeezing his cheeks causing his lips to pucker up. She smiled and pressed her lips to his. Moments later they pulled back.
"Better?" she asked.
JC shook his head, "Way better." he smiled.
Samantha laughed as she watched. She thought they were perfect for each other. Nothing would ever change them. She was very happy for them.

Chapter 19

Around 6:15 everyone was down in the living room except Justin. He was up in the kitchen cooking.
"What movie are you guys gonna see?" Samantha asked.
"We have no clue. We're just gonna go and see the movies that are playing at 7." Jamie said. Then science past them.
"Does anyone know where we're going tonight?" Samantha whispered quietly, referring to her and Justin.
"Yeah...but we promised not to tell." Joey laughed thinking about his comment early to Justin.
"Yeah, we could tell ya..." Chris laughed, "but we'd have to kill ya."
"Shut up!" Samantha said, lightly smacking his arms.
"Well, we gotta go." Jamie said.
Joey opened the door and everyone started heading out. Jamie turned and smiled at Sam, "Have fun." she whispered. Samantha smiled as Jamie shut the door. They left and Justin and Samantha were left alone.
Samantha trotted up the stairs to the kitchen with a smile. She walked over to Justin as he quickly covered the pot with the lid. He smiled turning to her.
She smiled straighten the strap on his apron, 'He's adorable in this.' she thought.
"What? Are you that protective of your food?" she laughed trying to open the lid.
"Yes..." he said, putting his hand on hers. He pulled it down and he held it in front of them, "I don't want you to see what I'm making."
"Well, whatever it is, it smells great." she complemented as she leaned over and sniffed the smaller pot beside the bigger one.
"Well, thank you." Justin smiled warmly, which made her smile. "I just hope it tastes as good as it smells."
"It probably will."
"Okay. How 'bout you go and do something. I'll come get you when dinners ready."
"Alright...I'll be in my room." Samantha said, walking to her room.
Justin smiled as he stirred the pasta and pasta sauce. He then grabbed two plates. He walked over to the table and set them on different sides.
He then walked over to the cabinets. He pulled out two candles and two candleholders. He went and set them on the table. He then set the table with silverware and wineglasses.
About 15 minutes, later dinner was ready. He dished out the pasta on each plate. He the poured some of the pasta sauce on the past. He lit a match and lit the two candles.
Justin walked to the light switch. He turned off all the lights around. He stood and observed his work. He smiled as he walked to her room.
Justin slowly opened the door. He looked at Samantha on her bed as she read a magazine. She looked up at him with a gigantic smile on her face.
"Dinner is served my lady," he said in an accent. He watched as she stood up. She walked to him and put her hand through the crook of his arm.
Justin smiled as he walked her down the hall. He smiled as he saw her face light up. 'Good. She likes it.' he thought as he scooted the chair out for her. He then went and sat on the other side of the table.
" you like it?" Justin questioned.
"I love it! It's...romantic." she smiled. Justin just smiled. Samantha then looked at the wine glass. She looked up at him with a questioning eyes, "Wine?"
"No..." he smiled. "Jamie said you don't drink, which I think is great, so I got apple juice.''
"Great." Samantha whispered, with a smile.
They both started eating. As they ate they talked and laughed.
"So, you never told me about your ex-boyfriend. Why'd you break up with him?" Justin asked.
Samantha smile faded quickly. Justin saw this and tore his heart.
"It's a long story..."
" you wanna talk about it? I'd really like to know what makes you so sad."
"Well, okay. But I'll make a long story short."
"Well, he umm, he cheated on me."
"With who?"
"One of my good friends.''
"Because I wouldn't have sex with him. So he went to her for it."
"Oh...I'm so sorry."
For the next few minutes they both sat in silence. They finished their dinners.
Justin then reached across the table and took her hand into his.
"Hey listen, Let's forget about what we just talked about. Lt's go out and have an awesome night. Okay?''
Samantha smiled. "Alright." she whispered.
"Come on. Lets go now." he said blowing out the candles and then turning on the light.
"What about the mess?" Sam laughed.
"I'll clean it up later." he said, taking her hand and pulling her downstairs. They then left.
"So where we goin?" Samantha asked.
"You'll see when we get there."
About 8 minutes later Justin pulled into the mini golf parking lot. He looked over at Sam, "Is this alright?"
"Yeah. I haven't been since I was like 5."
Justin smiled hopping out of his car. He ran over to her side to open the door for her, but she beat him to it.
"Ya know.." Justin smiled, as he took her hand and helped her out of the car,"I can open the door for you."
"But, you don't have to be a perfect gentlemen all the time." Sam smiled as he shut her door.
"But I like being one."
"What if I said I hate when guys do that? Would you change for me?"
"In a heartbeat."
"Well, I don't hate is. So, don't change." She smiled touching his nose with her finger. She then started walking to the entrance.
Justin smiled. He then realized that she was walking. He then ran up to her side to walk with her.
"So, how'd you get this? So that we were the only ones her?" she asked as Justin opened the door for her.
"My Mom went to school with the owner. So... I've got it easy with him. He's cool.''
Samantha smiled as Justin guided her over to the front desk . The owner had picked out two putters and two balls.
"Which ball do you want?" Justin hoped she didn't pick the blue one.
"The blue one..." she smiled looking at Justin.
"But Sam... I don't want the hot pick one." he wined.
"Too bad blondie." she smiled ruffling his curls.
Justin sighed as he smiled, "I can't believe I'm taking this," he said as he picked up the pick ball, "Oh well... You ready?"
"Yeah." she said as they found the door to the course. They went outside and picked a course to start on.
"Justin, you go first." Sam offered.
"Alright." Justin said as he put his ball down. He slowly putted the ball easily over the bridge and got a hole in one.
Justin smiled as he turned to Samantha. She smiled at him as she shook her head. She sat her ball down as Justin stood to the side.
Samantha turned and faced him, "Now don't make fun of me. I'm not a pro like you."
Justin smirked and threw his hands up in early defeat," I won't."
"Some how, I don't believe you." she smiled focusing on putting the ball. She slowly brought the club down and lined it up with the ball. She slowly brought the club back and forcefully smacked the ball.
Justin watched as the ball bounced off the course walls several times. After the ball stopped, Samantha looked up at him with an embarrassed look. Justin had promised not to laugh, so he brought his shirt collar up over his mouth so he could hide his huge smile.
"Shut up." Sam smiled as she pointed her index finger at him.
"I didn't say anything." Justin chuckled bringing his shirt down.
Samantha sighed walking to the ball and started putting it several times before it went in. The next few holes went the exact same way. Justin kept hitting the ball in the first time. And Samantha kept having major trouble.
On the 6th hole Samantha smacked the ball and sighed loudly as she watched it do the something like the first 5 holes.
"God!!! I can't do this!" She exclaimed loudly. "How do you do this so easily?"
"Go get your ball, I'll show you how to do it." Justin smiled as he walked to the start of the hole. Sam retrieved the ball, brought it back, and set it down in front of him.
"Ok, get your putter." Justin instructed. Sam picked it up, "Now, set yourself up in front of the ball."
Sam set her body up in front of her ball. She then lined the putter up with the ball, "Okay, now what?" she asked.
She suddenly felt Justin's warm hands sliding down her arms. Then as his hands covered hers, his body pressed up against the back of hers. She thickly swallowed as he rested his chin on her shoulder.
"Hold on, I can't see the ball very well." Justin said. Samantha smiled as he took one of his hands off of hers and brought it to her stomach. He lightly pushed her body further into his. He then placed his hand back on hers.
"Okay, now we're good to go. Here's whatcha do. You...lightly...tap it." he said as he brought the putter back and lightly putted the ball.
Samantha and Justin patiently watched as the ball traveled down the course. They watched as it fell into the hole at the end.
Samantha quickly turned her body around and through her arms around his neck with a smile hugging him as he tightly hugged her back.
"We did it!" Sam laughed. Justin laughed as he picked her up and spun her in circles.
Justin slowly sat her back down and he caught her gaze. They stood like this for a while. As Justin began to slowly lean his head down, Sam started to panic.