Chapter 20

Just as Justin was about to press his lips to her, she pulled away. She slowly walked away, but Justin quickly pulled her back into is arms.
"Sam...what's wrong? Did I do something wrong?" Justin questioned.
"No... It's just... never mind." she sighed.
"No, tell me."
"I just, I don't wanna start anything. And then have it all torn up at the end."
"It won't be." Justin pleaded.
"Every one of my relationships ends up like that."
"This one won't."
"Yeah, it will."
"Justin, can we just please go home?"
Justin searched her eyes for a reason. He sighed, "I guess."
Justin and Samantha brought everything back inside and laid it on the counter. They then got in the car and went home.
As soon as Justin opened the front door Samantha ran up the stairs to her room. Justin sighed walking up the stairs to the kitchen. He cleaned up their dinner mess and then went back down the stairs and walked to the couch. He sighed loudly as the plopped on it. It was still early. None of the others were back and he wasn't tired. So he didn't want to go to bed.
For the next hour he lay there and thought about what happened. What could have gone wrong? He didn't care. He knew he had to have her though. He decided to go and try again.
Justin stood up and bolted up the stairs. He quickly walked down the hall. He quickly knocked on her door. And walked in.
Samantha suddenly looked up and got out of bed, "Justin... what do you want?"

Chapter 21

"Shhh... I just wanna tell you some stuff and I really don't care if you wanna hear it or not." he forcefully spoke, as she quieted down, "Over this last week, I have gotten to know you. Too well actually. It's been awesome! I'd even do it all over if I could. I mean your amazing. You're gorgeous too. You're a very interesting person. I would love to get to know you even more... Okay, you know that old saying, 'Love at first sight'? Well, I believe it. I know as weird as it sounds, but I love you. I care for you. I have to have you. Will you please be my girlfriend? I've thought about this long and hard. It's the only reasonable answer I came up with."
"Justin...I'm sorry. I don't feel the same way," she whispered, not daring to meet his eyes with her own. She knew she was lying. Hell, he even knew it. "I'm sorry."
"Samantha, give me a chance....I'm not like your old boyfriend. I'm not gonna break your heart. Please...give me your heart. I'll take real good care of it. I'll never hurt of damage it." he pleaded with her. "I know your lying when you say you don't have feelings for me. I know you do."
"I don't, Justin." she sighed.
Justin placed his fingertips under her chin. She allowed him to raise her head. He slowly looked in her soft blue eyes.
He began lowering his head. Just as he about placed his lips to hers, she turned about, just like early.
"Fine! Samantha!" he raised her head once more, "I dare you to let me kiss you!"
"What?" Sam asked in disbelief.
"I dare you to let me kiss you," he repeated.
"Justin... that's not fair."
"Alls fair in love and war. So... you're not gonna take this dare?"
Sam sighed," I guess... I have too."
Justin closed his eyes with a smile as he leaned his head down. Sam let Justin's lips press to hers. Samantha's hands slowly made their way up to his chest. There they rested as Justin stepped in and cupped both her cheeks in his hands. Minutes later they pulled back. Justin smiled slightly looking in her eyes.
"Anything?" he questioned softly.
"Nothing." she lied quietly.
"Samantha! You're lying! Can you please just trust me?!" Justin exclaimed, "I would never hurt you. You need to learn to trust again. And I can help you with that. Please."
Samantha slowly looked up at Justin. She saw the pain she was putting him though. She saw the sadness in his eyes.
'He's right.' she thought, 'He would be the best person to help me. Who knows, we could even be together for a while.'
"Please, don't lie anymore. Tell me the truth. Was there feeling behind that kiss?"
Samantha looked up at him as a tear slid down her cheek. "Yeah... there was a lot.'' she whispered.
"Don't cry." he whispered wiping the tear from her face, "And see... that's all I needed to hear come from your mouth. So...will you please trust me? Let me love you."
Samantha slowly smiled. She shook her head, "Yeah."
"You will?" Justin excitedly asked.
"Yeah, I need you."
"Good." he whispered, gently pressing his lips to hers
Justin soon pulled back and looked her in the eyes, "Do you trust me now? Enough so I could have your heart?"
"Yeah. I trust you. You know... you are really the only guy I've trusted for 2 years. After, you know... since Jordan... I just, I don't know. I didn't want to lay my heart out on the table to be smashed."
"Well, you don't have to worry about that. I would never do that to you."
"I hope not." Sam smiled as she touched his cheek with her hand. Justin smiled as he nuzzled his cheek into her palm.
"I would never do that." he whispered, barely audible for her ears.
Samantha smiled as she lightly kissed him, "I believe you," she whispered in the same manor.
"Well, I'm kinda tired." she smiled.
"Alright." Justin said, "See ya in the morning."
"Yeah. Night sweety."
"Can I have one more kiss?...for sweet dreams?"
"Of course." Sam whispered, with a smile as he lowered his head and pressed his lips to hers. Minutes later they pulled apart and said their goodnights.
As her door shut she hopped into bed. She covered herself up and quickly fell asleep.
Justin closed the door the stairs. He walked to the couch and layed down, grabbing the remote with a smile.
He turned on the television and quickly turned it to MTV as he laid there and thought about Samantha. He gradually fell asleep on the couch.

Chapter 22

The next morning Samantha woke up around 10. She got ready for the day and then walked out to the kitchen. She was greeted be everyone sitting around the table. She smiled as she saw the vacant seat next to Justin. She quickly walked over to the seat and sat down.
"Morning everyone." Sam smiled. She was greeted by a chorus of good mornings.
She smiled as she felt Justin's finger on her chin as he turned her head to his.
"Morning..." he said as he slowly kissed her.
"Morning..." she smiled ruffling his curls.
Jamie looked at both of them and smiled, "Are you guys, like, together now or something?"
"Huh? What?" Samantha asked breaking from Justin's eyes.
"Are you two together?"
"Yeah." Justin smiled.
"Cool." JC smiled.
"Dude! I need a girlfriend!" Lance exclaimed. "It's not fair. There's Jamie and JC, Sam and Justin, and Danielle and Chris. Joey's the only other one without one."
"So? Being single's fun!" Joey defended.
"Whatever!" Lance sighed.
"Okay, next subject. What's everyone's plan for today?" JC interrupted.
"Sam and me are going out..." Justin said, turning his head to Sam and asking her with his eyes.
"Yeah, we're goin out." Samantha smiled.
"I'm goin out with Danielle." Chris said.
"I'm going to go find a girlfriend." Lance said.
"I'll go with him..." Joey said, "Ya know, to help him out."
"We'll stay home." JC said, wrapping his arms around Jamie. "When are yall leaving?"
"Now." Justin said grabbing Sam's hand and yanking her up. He rushed down the stairs and opened the front door.
"Bye!" they both yelled shutting the door.

Chapter 23

Later that night everyone was in bed sleeping except JC and Jamie. They were in the living room watching tv.
JC smiled as he grabbed the remote from Jamie's hands and turned off the tv.
"Hey! I was watching that!" Jamie exclaimed as she looked at JC. She smiled as she saw the mischievous look on his face as he started crawling up her body. He smiled as he bent his head down and lightly kissed her.
Jamie slowly grabbed JC's hand and brought it up to her mouth. She slowly stuck his index finger in her mouth. She exotically started sucking it. JC bit his bottom lip as he watched her.
He quickly pulled his finger out of her mouth. He smiled as he picked her up and threw her over her shoulder. She laughed as he ran up the stairs to her room.
He opened her door and quickly closed it, locking it.