Chapter 24


The next morning Jamie woke up with her head on JC's bare chest. She felt his arms securely around her and smiled as she saw him looking down at her.
"Morning..." he said, as he kissed the tip of her nose.
"Morning." Jamie smiled.
"Are you still tired?" he asked as he saw her yawn.
"No. Not really."
"Because its..." he said looking up at the clock. "It's almost one."
"Is it really?" Jamie asked in shock.
"How long have you been awake?"
"Since eleven."
"Why'd you stay in here?"
"Because I wanted to be the first thing you saw when you woke."
Jamie smiled, "Do you try to be sweet, or does it come naturally?"
"I think it just comes naturally." JC chuckled as she gave him a soft kiss.
"Oh really?" Jamie laughed, as she scratched her nails over his abs and belly button.
"Yep." he smiled brushing her hair from her face. Jamie and JC both heard a knock on the door.
"Yeah?" Jamie asked loudly.
"Can I come in?"
"NO! Justin, not yet." Jamie said, frantically getting out of bed and getting dressed. JC smiled watching her as he slipped his wife beater over his head and pulling it down to cover his stomach.
"Why not?" Justin whined.
"Because I'm not dressed yet."
"Well, all the better to come in." Justin joked. JC narrowed his eyes at the door. "No, I'm just joking. JC would kick my ass." JC smiled at his last statement, dismissing his earlier one.
"Yeah, I'd have to agree with you there." Jamie smiled as she slipped her pants on. Jamie smiled as JC walked over to her, slipping her bra on her and snapped it in the back.
"Thanks." she smiled, giving him a peck on the lips then slipping her shirt on as JC slipped his boxers on, then pants.
"Can I come in yet?" Justin impatiently asked from outside her room.
"Yeah, come in." Jamie smiled.
"Finally..." he sighed opening the door. "Hey JC..." he nervously said.
"He man! How ya feeling?" JC smiled as he patted Justin on the back.
"I'm...I'm feeling alright." he stuttered.
"Oh really?"
"Good." JC smiled as he left the room.
"Jeez..." Justin sighed as JC shut the door.
"What?" Jamie laughed.
"I thought he was gonna kick my ass."
"Because of what I said about you."
"Naw...he was just joking."
"Good, cause when he's pissed...HE'S PISSED!" Justin stated matter of factly. Jamie laughed as she sat on the bed. She then laid down and inhaled a lot of air. She smiled as she smelled JC's scent on her pillow.
"So whatcha need, J?" Jamie asked turning and propping her head up on her hand.
"I wanna ask Sam to live down here with us."

Chapter 25

"So?" Jamie asked confused.
"I don't know what she'll say though." Justin sighed as he took a seat on the bed.
"She'll probably say yes. She likes you a lot, ya know." Jamie concluded.
"Yeah. I you think she'll say yes?"
"Yeah, probably."
"Good, cause I'm gonna ask her tonight."
"Alright." they then sat in silence.
"So...! Why did you and JC get up so late?" Justin asked, wiggling his eyebrows up and down.
"God... J..." she sighed, standing up, "Get Out!" she said, pushing him out of her room.
"Curly!" JC said, walking behind him, outside Jamie's room. "What'd you do now?"
"Nothing...I promise." Justin quickly said running down to the living room with the other guys.
JC laughed as he wrapped his arms around Jamie and pulling her close, "What's with him?"
"Oh, he thinks you're gonna kick his ass." Jamie smirked, wrapping her arms around JC's neck.
JC smiled, bending his head down, "I love you, baby."
Jamie smiled as every word his lips let out brushed against her own. "I love you too." she whispered, just before his lips took hers with his.
"Ok love birds. Share the hallway. Others want through." Samantha laughed as they pulled away with smiles and looked at her. "What?"
"You could have waited until we were done." Jamie laughed.
"Yeah, well...who knows how long that would have taken.-"
"Yeah, Sam. Go! Your boyfriends calling." Jamie smiled.
"Coming Justin!" Sam smiled rolling her eyes at her friend. She trotted down the stairs and went to sit in his lap on the floor. "What's up baby?" she asked, giving him a kiss.
"Go out with me tonight?" Justin asked with a bright smile.
"Sure..." she smiled in agreement.
"Good." he smiled again, wrapping his arms around her waist.
JC and Jamie then walked down the stairs hand-in-hand. Their hands stayed joined as JC sat in an empty chair and pulled Jamie into his lap.
"Wear you normal clothes. Okay?" Justin said to Samantha.
"Huhh?...Oh. Okay." she said, distracted by JC and Jamie. 'What are they doing?" she whispered to Justin.
"Who?" Justin asked.
"JC and Jamie."
Justin and Samantha both looked up at the two. They watched as JC kissed all over her neck. Then as his hand started going up her shirt.
"Whoa! JC man! Whatcha doin up there?" Justin exclaimed.
JC yanked his hands out. Jamie and JC then looked at Samantha and Justin with innocent smiled.
"Something tells me something went on late last night when everyone was sleeping." Justin laughed.
"Well, they thought everyone was sleeping." Samantha sighed loudly with wide eyes.
"You heard 'em!" Justin laughed.
"Yep!" Samantha exclaimed. She then proceeded to imitate Jamie, "Oh god!...Josh... Don't Stop!...Oh god!" Justin cracked up.
Jamie looked at JC as she covered her mouth with her hand. JC looked back at her with wide eyes and mouth wide open.
"Ohgod..." Jamie whispered.
"Did you really hear us?" JC quietly asked, turning his head back to Samantha. She just shook her head with a grin.
"Keep it down next time." she laughed.
Jamie groaned putting her head on JC's shoulder, covering her eyes with his shirt. JC just placed his hand on the back of her head. Samantha and Justin just laughed hysterically.
"Shut up!" Jamie exclaimed, "Do you guys know how embarrassing this is?"
"Nope! It's pretty damn funny though!" Justin laughed and Sam followed.
"I think I'm gonna go hibernate in my room" Jamie sighed, totally and utterly embarrassed.
"I'll go too." JC spoke quietly.
"Alright. If any of us are about to come in, just squeal and we won't go in." Justin laughed.
JC and Jamie groaned loudly as they both decided to stay. They went and sat back down where they both were before. Sam and Justin started laughing again.
"You guys...stop." JC sighed.
"Please..." Jamie begged.
"Fine. We'll stop." Sam said, trying to contain her laughter. Justin did the same.
"Thank you." JC sighed, as Jamie laid back against him more.
"We're sorry." Justin apologized.
"Yeah. I shouldn't have laughed, or even said anything about it."
"Do you mean that?" Jamie asked.
"Of course I do." Samantha said.
"Than I accept." Jamie smiled slightly.
"Yeah, me too." JC said.
"You guys are just lucky Chris didn't hear you." Justin said, "He'd be all over your asses."
"Oh god..." JC sighed, with relief. "Don't I know it."
"Don't tell the other guys, okay?" Jamie pleaded.
"Of course we won't tell anybody." Samantha smiled in agreement.
"Justin?" JC asked.
"What?" he smiled, "I would never tell anyone about things like this. I'm not like that."

~*~*~*~*~*~*Later that night*~*~*~*~*~*~
"Sam! You ready?" Justin yelled up the stairs.
"Yeah." she said jogging down to him.
He smiled as he escorted her out to the car.
"Where we going?" Samantha asked as Justin drove.
"To a movie and then to get ice cream."
"Ummm... yummy." Samantha giggled.
Justin laughed as they pulled into the movie complex. They went and saw Scary Movie. Then they went to get ice cream. They sat down at a table and talked as they licked.
"I've been anxious to ask you something." Justin said.
"What is it?" Samantha asked as she licked her ice cream.
"Okay. I was wanting to know if you wanted to move down here to What do you think?"
"Just pack up my stuff from NEW YORK and move here?" she hinted as to where she lived.
"Yeah..." he hesitantly spoke.
"I have school Justin.-"
"But I've already thought of that. By the time school starts we'll be on tour again... I was kinda hopin' you'd go with us too, but you can take classes over the internet."
"Please...Jamie's probably coming too."
"Justin...I don't know."
"You can think about it then." he said. "Just please think about it."
"Fine. I'll think about it. It's gonna be hard though."
"I know it is..." Justin said, placing a hand on hers.
"But, I'll push myself to think I'll tell you by tomorrow night."
"Alright." Justin smiled.
They finished their ice cream and headed home. They walked in the front door. Everyone was in the living room.
"Jamie. Can I talk to you?" Samantha asked, loud'y to get her attention.
"Yeah, sure." Jamie said climbing out of JC's lap and the girls walked up to Sam's room.
"Hey J. What's up with them?" JC asked as Justin sat down on the couch.
"Oh, I just asked her to move here from New York and go on tour with us. Plus take school classes over the internet. Nothing big..." Justin sighed.
JC looked at him with wide eyes, "Man! You're asking a lot from her. Plus you're just starting your relationship. But I hope she says yes. Jamie will help her come to a decision."
"I hope so."
"What's up Sam?" Jaime asked as she plopped on the bed and Samantha joined her.
"Justin asked me-"
"Yeah I know. To move here and go on tour with then, right?"
"Yep. Are you going on tour with them?"
"Yeah. JC asked me this afternoon."
"I don't know whether or not to go ahead and move down here."
"Do you like him?"
"Very much!"
"Do you want to continue having a relationship? Because if you go back up to New York, it'll be hard."
"Yeah. I want to keep it going. It's just...moving here from New York.-"
"So? I mean it's not like you don't have a place to stay. Then when we're on tour you can take school over the internet."
"Yeah, I know. Justin already told me that."
"We'll see. He's really wanting to make this work."
"Yeah. I know that."
"Then, why don't you try it out? Try to make it work. Plus it's really fun touring with them. They're a trip, man." Jamie smirked, remembering all the fun they usually have.
"You think I'd like it?"
"You'd love it!"
"Maybe. I think I'm gonna sleep on it though."
"That's cool." Jamie said walking to the door. "Night."
"Goodnight." Sam replied, "Oh, and Jamie."
"Keep it down."
"Shut up!" Jamie laughed, as she left shutting the door behind her. Jamie walked down the stairs. She walked over and sat in JC's lap as his arms reached out for her.
"So?" Justin anxiously asked.
"Umm...she's gonna sleep on it." Jamie said.
"Did you give her anything to think about?"
"Yeah, I told her if she wants to keep your relationship going, to move down here."
"What'd she say?"
"She said she wanted to keep it going. But that doesn't mean anything."
"What else?"
"I told her it was fun touring with the guys."
"Nothing. She didn't say anything."
Justin sighed crossing his fingers and looking up above, "Please have her say yes God! Please!" he begged.
"Well, I'm pretty tired ya'll. See ya guys in the morning." Jamie yawned standing up.
"Yep! I'm pretty tired too!" JC faked a yawn as he stretched. "Come on..." JC smiled as he grabbed her hand and ran up the stairs with her.
"What's with him?" Lance asked Justin.
"Nothing..." Justin laughed.