Chapter 26

~*~*~*~*10 Minutes Later*~*~*~*~
"What the hell was that?!" Chris laughed as he looked at Justin, "What's going on up there J? I know you know, so tell me."
"She... stubbed... her toe?" Justin shrugged.
"I don't believe you." Joey smirked.
"Then don't believe me. I'm going to bed. Night guys." he said, walking up the stairs to his room. He soon went to bed praying that Samantha would say yes.
The next morning everyone was up by eleven. Danielle had come over. Chris invited her in just as Jamie and JC trotted down the stairs.
Chris gave Danielle a soft kiss and called Jamie over, "Danielle, this is Jamie..." Chris pointed to Jamie and then to Danielle, "Jamie, this is my girlfriend, Danielle."
"You must be JC's girlfriend." Danielle smiled, shaking her hand.
"Yes I am. It's very nice finally meeting you." Jamie smiled back.
"Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you two will talk later." Chris smiled.
Jamie shook her head, "How do you put up with him?" she smiled.
"I don't know..." Danielle laughed as Chris pulled her away.
"Jamie! Come here! Hurry!" JC yelled from the living room.
"What? What's wrong?" Jamie asked as she ran into the room, standing next to the couch that he was on.
"Nothing, nothing's wrong." he smiled, pulling her down on his lap.
"Then what is it?" Jamie asked, laying her head back against his strong chest.
"Just watch. It'll be on in a minute." JC smiled pointing to the t.v.
"Hi, I'm Serina Alchul with an MTV news brief...Rumor has it, JC Chasez from the pop music group *N SYNC is now dating Jamie Roarings, from their latest video, "That's When I'll Stop Loving You." she said as two pictures popped up on the screen. One being JC's face and the other being Jamie's.
"How do they know already?" Jamie questioned looking up at JC, with confusion written all over her face.
"I have no clue.-"
"They were caught coming out of a movie complex hand-in-hand, with the other *N SYNC boys, except Justin Timberlake. Luckily someone snapped some photos of the couple and sent them to us to keep you updated. Well, that's the news for now. More news on *N SYNC you can go the" she said, as they went off the air showing the pictures that were sent in.
"So, how's it feel being one of the world's most wanted women... dead or alive?" Justin asked entering the room and plopping in an empty chair.
"I don't think I like it." Jamie smiled.
"Oh don't worry." JC smiled, giving her a kiss on the forehead.
"What about all your fans?" Jamie asked.
"Oh, don't worry. The true fans won't care, they'd be happy for me. The ones that want to kill you aren't true fans." he laughed as a look of pure terror crossed her face, "Don't worry. No one's gonna kill you... at least, I hope not."
"JC! Shut up! You're scaring her." Justin laughed.
"Are they gonna like hunt me down now?" Jamie asked.
"Naw..." JC laughed as he played with her hair.
"I meant to tell ya, Johnny called this morning.-" Justin said.
"And?" JC anxiously asked.
"And... we're gonna start touring again in a month from Thursday. Which is two days away." Justin smiled.
"Great! I can't wait!" JC smiled. He looked down at Jamie as he tilted her head up so sh'ed look at him, "Your still coming? Right?"
"As long as I don't die first." she grinned.
"Great..." he smirked, giving her a kiss. It was about three now and Justin had already told everyone the news. But he hadn't seen Sam all day. He slowly got up and went to her room.

Chapter 27

"Sam?" Justin knocked.
"Yeah?" she asked.
"Can I come in?"
"Yeah, come on in." she said.
Justin slowly opened the door and walked in, closing it behind him. He saw the Samantha was still in bed.
"You okay Sam?" he quietly asked walking to the other side of the bed and looking at her with concern in his eyes.
"Yeah, lay down." she smiled patting the bed, beside her.
He quickly did as told, "So your sure you okay?" Justin asked again.
"Yeah, of course." she smiled, playing with one of his curls that was sticking out. "I've just been thinkin.-"
"And?" Justin's eyes lit up in hope.
"And..." she smiled, "I was wondering if you were dead serious about this."
"Of course I'm serious about it. I really want you to moved down here." Justin said touching her cheek with his hand and rubbing his thumb over it.
"Okay then..." she took a deep breath closing her eyes and reopening them, "If your dead serious about it, then I'm dead serious when I say... alright. I'll move just for you."
Justin's eyes lit up once again and a smiled spread across his face, "Really? Seriously? Ohmygod! Do you know how happy I am? I'll make up for it. For making you move down here."
"No..." she chuckled, "You don't have to. Just living down here with you is enough. It's pay back enough for me."
"Oh god!" he laughed as he took her lips with his. They both pulled back with smiles on their lips.
"You wanna go to New York and get your things right?" Justin spoke quietly.
"Yeah...and move my stuff into my brothers house." Samantha smiled. "You gonna come with me?"
"Sure..." he smiled.
"Good." Samantha grinned, "You can meet my brother then."
"Yeah, I can't wait." Justin smiled. There was a long silence and it worried Justin, "Sam, what's wrong baby?"
"Then why the long face for such a beautiful girl?" he asked pinching her chin in his fingers.
Samantha sighed as her eyes met his, "Why do you have to be so wonderful?"
"Because I like pleasing you and seeing your sexy smile." Justin said.
"Shut up!" Sam giggled, 'There you go again, being wonderful."
"What can I say?" Justin chuckled.
"You need someone better..."
"Better than what?" he asked.
"There is no one better than you. Your the best thing out there for me to have." he said, lightly kissing her.

"What do you think she's gonna say?" JC asked quietly, running his fingers through
Jamie's long curly curls.
"I don't know...that's a really big committment to make." Jamie said.
"You made it though." JC stated matter-of-factly.
"Yeah, I know." she smiled, tilting her head up, setting her chin on his chest as they laid there, "And I'm happy I made the decision."
"I'm extra happy you made it too." JC grinned, kissing her softly.

Chapter 28

The next month was very hectic. Between Justin and Sam going to New York and the guys getting the spiderweb's out of their dance moves. They were very busy. They didn't really have time to do anything.
"God! I'm so tired!" Chris yelped, plopping on the couch in the back of the bus after their first show.
"Me too!" Joey second.
"I bet you all are..."Jamie said, as her and Sam followed them to the back. She went and stood in front of JC. She smiled, looking down at him as she brushed his hair, to tame it, with her fingers.
"Oh...I am baby." JC groaned tiredly as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down on his lap, resting his chin on her shoulder.
"I know..." Jamie smiled, stroking the side of his head. "You did great though. You all really worked the stage." she said, looking at all the guys.
"Yeah, you all did excellent." Samantha said, sitting on Justin's lap.
"Thanks." Justin yawned kissing the side of her head.
When they got back to the hotel everyone went to their hotel rooms. JC and Jamie were together, Justin and Samantha were together, Chris and Lance, and Joey got his own.
JC took a shower when they got to the hotel rooms. He dried off and put on his boxers. He opened the bathroom door, shutting off the light in it and walked into the moon lit room. He walked to the bed and looked down at Jamie. He smiled climbing into bed and cuddled up right next to her.

Chapter 29

JC groaned as the sun hit him square in the face. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he looked down at Jamie. He smiled seeing her still tightly clinging to him.
"God, I love you..." he whispered, kissing her forehead.
"I know...everybody does..." Jamie whispered, sarcastically as her eyes fluttered open, "I love you too."
That day had been very busy. If they weren't in a radio interview, they ere in a magazine interview. Then they had soundcheck and then the show.
When it was fifteen minutes to show, JC peeked out from behind the curtain. He smiled, seeing all the fans. It was going to be the biggest show, because it was the biggest arena they were playing at.
15 minutes later they were out on stage. Jamie and Samantha went there separate ways backstage. Really, Sam just sat and watched them perform. Jamie went to the green room. She laid down on the couch and fell asleep.
2 hours later, she heard someone yelling her name.
"Jamie! Jamie! Come on! Where are you?!" JC yelled as the body guards pushed him to the bus.
"Go on JC! We have to get you out of here." Lonnie said, pushing him further.
"Lonnie. I have to find my girlfriend."
"She's probably on the bus already."
"She waits for me though."
"Josh!" Jamie yelled from behind. "I'm coming!"
JC then saw a truck load of his fans. He saw as they engulfed Jamie into the crowd.
"Jamie!" he yelled, as he dodged his guard to go get her.
"Ohmygod! JC Chasez is coming our way!" an excited fan screamed as everyone ran to him. Before JC could contemplate what was happening, he was in the middle of the crowd.
"Josh!" Jamie cried out as she heard JC scream out in pain. She quickly made her way through the crowd. Tears slid down her cheeks as she saw what they did to him. They had ripped his shirt off and there was blood on his chest and stomach from the girls nails.
"Get away!" Jamie screamed as she pushed JC on the ground and covered his whole body with hers. She was stomach down on him, "Don't touch him!" Jamie yelled as she looked down at JC.
Jamie let free tears go down her cheeks as she saw JC's wincing face. She ran one finger down his cheek, "It's gonna be okay. We'll get you out of here." she said, looking down at his scratched chest and stomach.
"Move!" Lonnie yelled, pushing the girls out of the way harshly.
Jamie looked up as Lonnie stepped into view. He saw her red eyes and held his hand down to her. She looked down at JC and then back up at Lonnie.
"It's okay...we'll get him out of here." Lonnie spoke quietly as Jamie placed her hand into his. He helped her up and then immediately engulfed JC into his arms.
"JC, baby. You okay?" Jamie asked, running beside Lonnie.
:Jamie? Are you okay?" JC quietly asked as Lonnie run up the bus stairs.
"JC! What happened?!" Justin exclaimed seeing his friend all torn up.
Jamie followed Lonnie into the back as he laid JC on the couch. Jamie knelt down beside him lightly placing her hands to the scratches. Chris, Lance, Joey, and Justin all gathered behind her.
"Someone get me a damp washcloth." Jamie quietly spoke. Lance jumped right on it.
"Hey baby, It'll be alright." JC said bringing a hand up and stroking her cheek.
"" Lance said hanging the damp washcloth over her shoulder.
"Someone hold his hand..." Jamie said taking the washcloth. "Thanks Lance." Jamie said as Justin took JC's hand.
"No problem Jams." Lance said as Sam came in the room.
"Ohmygod..." she whispered.
"Baby...this is gonna hurt." Jamie said to JC. He just shook his head, "So squeeze J's hand..."
"Okay..." JC whispered.
"You ready?" Jamie asked.
"Okay..." Jamie sighed, lightly pressing the cloth to his stomach and scratches, "It's okay..." Jamie said putting a hand on his forehead. She ran her fingers through it as she pressed the cloth to other places.
"Shit!" Justin whispered, turning his head and tightly closing his eyes, because of the pain in his hand. "Joey, Chris? Can you take him?"
"Yeah..." Chris said, falling to his knees and crawling over to Justin. Justin peeled JC's hand from his and Chris took it.
"Damn!" Chris winced.
"Yeah, I know." Justin said, moving his fingers around.
"What happened?" Samantha asked Justin, wrapping her arms around him.
"His fans got to him." Justin spoke quietly.
"Oh jeez." Samantha whispered looking over at JC and Jamie. "Was Jamie there?"
"I suppose...I don't know though." Justin said.
JC let go Chris's hand as Jamie kept on pressing the cloth to his scratched.
"Do you not need my hand anymore?" Chris asked.
"No...." JC smiled a bit looking at Jamie as he placed his hand on the back of her head, rubbing it with his finger tips.
"Let's go guys....." Chris whispered as he left the room. Everyone else following him.

Chapter 30

"You alright Josh?" Jamie asked taking the washcloth off of him and placing it on the floor beside her.
"I'm fine. Are you okay?" JC asked.
"Yeah, but why'd you do that? That was stupid Josh! You could have gotten hurt even worse than you did."
"But I didn't...." JC said.
"Does it hurt much?" Jamie asked, lightly touching a scratch on his stomach.
"A little bit." he said, watching her.
Jamie leaned her head over his stomach pressing her lips to one scratch and then moving to another one until she had kissed every scratch on his chest and stomach.
"Thanks baby." JC smiled as she leaned her head back up.
"I feel so bad though..." she sighed.
"Because, if I hadn't fallen asleep and been late this wouldn't have happened."
"It's not your fault. It's my fault. When I saw the girls swallowed you into the crowd. I didn't think when I ran after you. But all I thought was helping my girlfriend."
"I don't know... I just.... I don't know."
"I will never forget that you helped me though. You threw yourself on me to protect me."
"Yeah, well all I thought was helping my boyfriend." Jamie smiled, mocking him.
"I'm glad your my girlfriend, my best friend." JC smiled, placing his fingers under her chin. He gently pulled her to him, bringing her lips to his.
"I love you so much." JC whispered, pulling back. "Come here baby..." JC said patting his chest.
"Won't it hurt?" she asked standing up.
"I don't care." JC smiled as he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer.
"I hope so..." Jamie said, carefully climbing on top of him, laying her head on his chest, "You okay?"
"I'm fine... lay here and take a nap with me while we go to the hotel."
"Okay..." Jamie whispered closing her eyes carefully wrapping her arms around him. JC smiled closing his eyes tightly holding her to him.
JC sighed running a hand from her forehead through her hair and down to her waist as he felt a tear fall on his chest, which came from Jamie.