Chapter 3

About an hour later JC and Jamie were ready to go. JC grabbed his car keys and was waiting for Jamie.
"Let's go Shorty!" JC yelled.
"Comin' Daddy!" she yelled as she walked up to him.
JC and Jamie had called each other these names since they were kids. JC always called Jamie this because she had always been shorter than him. Jamie always called JC Daddy because he had always looked out for her.
"Let's go." he said opening the door for her.
"Thanks.'' she said going outside.
"Bye y'all." he smiled as he shut the door.
JC got to the car and unlocked it. They both got in and drove to JC's parents' house.
"Do I look ok?" Jamie asked JC as he rang the doorbell.
"No, you look terrible." he sacarcasticly said.
"Shut up!" she chuckled, pushing him. They got into a pushing war as Karen opened the door.
"What are you kids doing?" Karen grinned.
"Mrs. Chasez!" Jamie exclaimed hugging her. "I haven't seen you forever!"
"I know honey." Karen said pulling her in the house. She pulled back. "Now Jamie, you're a grown women. Call me Karen."
"Ok Karen." she chuckled. "Where's Mr.-"
"Call him Roy."
"Alright." Jamie said, with a smile. She looked around for JC. She walked back to the door and stared at him as he stood outside the front door. "What are you doin?" she asked.
"Nobody hugged me..." he whined.
"Oh, I'll hug you." Jamie said pulling him into the house and in her arms. He wrapped his arms around her.
"Better?" she asked letting him go.
"Better." he confirmed letting her go.
"Roy!" Karen yelled. '' Tyler!"
"Coming!" Roy hollered. He entered the living room with a smile. He pulled Jamie into a hug. "Hey girl! I haven't seen you for quite awhile!"
"How are you?" Jamie asked pulling back.
"I'm alright. How about yourself?"
"The same."
"How are your parents?" Roy asked sitting down in his chair. JC and Jamie went and sat on the couch. And Karen sat in her chair.
"They're doing alright. They have moved to the other side of town now."
"Have they really? They have moved to the other side of town now?"
"Yeah, I'm glad they waited though."
"Because..." Jamie said looking at JC. "I wouldn't have stayed best friends with him."
"Oh." Roy and Karen laughed.
"I'm really glad they did then." JC said.
"So where's Tyler?" Jamie asked.
"You called?" Tyler smiled from the doorway.
"Tyler..." Jamie said standing up and walking over to him.
"Hey Jamie. How's my step sis?" Tyler asked. Tyler had always called her that, because he considered her as an older sister for many years.
"Alright little bro! What's up with you?" she asked giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek.
"I've got a girlfriend."
"Do you really?" Jamie chuckled pulling back and looking at him as he smiled.
"Good to you?"
"Good. That's a good girlfriend then." as they had this conversation Karen, Roy, and JC were listening and laughing. Tyler and Jamie had always connected well together just like her and JC. That's why they were all such good friends.
"Am I gonna get to meet her?" Jamie asked Tyler as she sat back down by JC.
"Do you want me to call her now?" Tyler asked dialing Rachel's number.
"No, you'll probably-"
"Shhh! It's ringing."
"Wake her up." Jamie whispered, finishing her thought. She leaned back against JC and relaxed.
"Hello?" Rachel tiredly picked up.
"Tyler? What?" she asked.
"Can you come over?"
"Why not?"
"You just woke me up. I'll be over in an hour and a half."
"Ok. Jamie's here."
"Oh she is?"
"Tell her I can't wait to meet her."
"Alright." Tyler said. "Bye babe."
"Bye sweety." They hung up.
"Did you wake her?" Karen asked.
"Yeah mom."
JC nudged Jamie. "You're psychic now."
"Yep. I've always been like that. You just didn't believe me."
"Well from now on I'll believe you."
"You better."
"Oh I will." JC chuckled.
"Yeah Tyler?" she asked looking up at him.
"She told me to tell you she couldn't wait to meet you."
"Hey what does she look like?"
"She has curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and about this tall," he said holding his hand up to his nose indicating her height.
"So you got a girlfriend yet?" Jamie asked turning to JC.
"I would have told you if I did. But no, hopefully soon though." JC said.
"You can't always rush those things JC."
"Boy, don't know." JC sighed.
"Don't worry. You'll find her." Jamie chuckled patting his knee.
"Yeah I know... someday."
For the next hour and a half the five of them sat there and caught up on old times.
'Ding-dong' went the doorbell.
"I'll get it." Tyler exclaimed hopping up and running to the door. He opened it.
"Hey sweety," Rachel said as she walked in.
"Hey." Tyler said as they quickly pecked each other on the lips. Tyler grabbed her hand and led her over to everyone.
Jamie stood up with a smile.
"Rach this is Jamie...JC's best friend," Tyler said.
"Hello...I've heard so much about you,'' Rachel said shaking Jamie's hand.
"From who?...Tyler?" Jamie asked.
"No, JC."
"Oh, really?"
"Yeah, don't worry. It's all been good." Rachel chuckled.
"I better have." Jamie chuckled giving JC an evil look.
"Hey! It has! I wouldn't walk smack about my best friend," JC explained.
"I know you wouldn't." Jamie chuckled.
The rest of the day Jamie and JC stayed at his parents house and talked to them, Tyler, and Rachel.

Chapter 4

Around 8:45 JC and Jamie arrived back at home. JC unlocked the front door and they went in.
"Thanks for taking me over there JC." Jamie said as JC shut the door.
"No problem Jamie." JC said slinging his arm around her shoulders and walking her upstairs.
"You tired?" JC asked.
"Naw, not really," she smiled.
"Me neither. Let's go find the guys." JC chuckled leading them to the noise lit room.
"What's up guys?" JC loudly said as they entered the room.
"Not much!" Chris belted out.
"What's up Gee?" Justin chuckled giving Jamie a hug.
"Where have you two been?" Lance asked.
"My parents," JC said.
"Oh." Lance said. "Have fun?" he asked Jamie.
"Yeah. I got to meet Tyler's girlfriend."
"Oh, isn't she nice?" Joey asked.
"Yeah, she is," Jamie said.
"What are you guys doin?" JC asked plopping next to Joey on the couch.
"Well me and Chris are watching Justin and Lance play mortal combat."
"You wanna play?" Justin asked holding his control out to her.
"Sure." Jamie smiled taking the controller into her hands and sitting next to Lance on the floor.
"I'm gonna put the smack down on you!" Lance smiled looking at her.
"You could only wish!" she chuckled choosing her player and so did Lance.
Lance and Jamie played for 3 hours straight. JC, Chris, Joey, and Justin got bored about an hour into watching, so they went to bed. During the 3 hours Lance and Jamie would make flurtassious remarks back and forth.
"You tired?" Lance asked standing up and turning off the play station.
"Yeah..." Jamie yawned.
Lance smiled holding his hand out to her. She placed her tiny hand into his and he pulled her up.
"Did I beat you?" Jamie asked.
"Huhh? Oh, oh yeah you did." he chuckled. "You're good." Lance led her out and they stood by her bedroom door.
"That was fun." Jamie smiled opening her door. "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Alright." Lance said.
"Night.'' she said. She stared walking into her room. Quickly Lance grabbed her arm, lightly. He pulled her back out to him and kissed her quickly on the lips.
"Night." he whispered pulling back and quickly walked down the hall to his room.
Jamie smiled walking back into her room and closing the door behind her. She had a smile on her face as she got changed and got into bed.
"This is going to work," she whispered as she fell asleep.

Chapter 5

The next few days Lance and Jamie barely talked. Jamie didn't know what was wrong. She knew he was avoiding her though. She wasn't mad, but she wanted him to talk to her, so she pulled JC into another room and stated to talk to him.
"What?" he asked.
"I need your help and I need to tell you something...important."
"What is it?"
"Ok, these last 3 years, I've kept something from you."
"Why? it bad or something?-"
"No, no, nothing like that." Jamie chuckled.
"What is it then?"
"It's about Lance."
"What'd he do to you?" JC asked serous.
"Nothing. Calm down." Jamie said, putting her hands on each side of his face.
"What is it then Jamie? Your killin me here." JC said putting his hands on her hips.
"Ok, I, I really, really like him." Jamie said almost whispering as she looked away. ''I maybe even be think I'm falling for him."
"Your what?!" JC exclaimed.
"I said maybe JC, calm down." Jamie said, covering his mouth with her hand.
He took her hand off of his mouth, '' I'm sorry.''
"It's ok."
"Why did you not tell me?"
"Because, I didn't know how you'd take it."
"Because he's one of your best friends, JC. I know you wouldn't have told me if it was one of my best friends.''
"I still think you could have told me though."
"I don't." There was complete science for a few moments.
"What's the favor you need done?" JC quietly asked.
"Ok. Tomorrow you know how their going out and we're not?"
"Well when they come back..." Jamie hesitated.
"Come on Jamie..."
"Can you just, like, flirt with me?"
JC chuckled looking at her. He then realized she was serious. He thought, 'She is my best friend and she does need help.'
"Fine..." JC sighed.
"Yeah, I guess."
"Thank you so much!" she exclaimed throwing her arms around his neck in complete happiness.
"Just to make you happy, the things I do," he mumbled wrapping his arms around her.
JC got butterflies in his stomach and quickly realest her. They then went away.
'What was that?' he asked himself. Every time he hugged her he always got butterflies in his stomach and got stronger every time.

The Next Night
The car door shut.
"JC! Their-"
"I know, I know. Their home." JC chuckled walking into the front room." How do you want me to do this?"
"I don't know...just, like..."she thought. "Just like the other girls you flirt with." she said quickly.
"How's that?" he asked with a smile.
"You sometimes, like, poke them or touch their nose, or most of the time you pull them into hugs quite often. Even...umm...never mind."
"No...tell me," JC said.
"Umm...kiss them." she said quietly.
JC chuckled, "You want me too?"
"I don't know." she said as her face turned beet red. "Do whatever."
"Ok shorty." he said as the guys came in the front door.
'"What's Up?!" Justin said making his special entrance. He hugged Jamie, "Hey Chicka!"
"Hey!" she chuckled. By now her face went back to it's normal color.
"What are you guys doin?" Lance asked.
"Nothin. We were just waiting for you guys to get back." JC said.
"What do you wanna do?"
"Watch a movie." Jamie said shyly.
"Ok." Chris said. "What movie?"
"Austin Powers 2!" Joey exclaimed grabbing it off the movie rack.
"That's ok?" Justin asked.
"Yeah, that's fine." Jamie said.
JC winked to Jamie as the guys sat down and Justin put the movie in. Jamie winked back.
"Hey Jamie." JC said.
"What?" she asked.
"You have somethin' on your shirt." he said pointing to a place on her shirt.
"Where?" she asked looking down. JC then lightly flicked her nose.
"I can't believe I fell for that." Jamie chuckled plopping on the couch. JC then came over and poked her in the stomach.
"Hey now." she chuckled holding her stomach.
He then grabbed her by the waist and pulled her over, in his lap.
"You're a dork." JC chuckled.
"So?" Jamie smiled.
"So?" he mocked her. He started running his fingers over Jamie's facial features. Once in a while he'd play with her small nose, others he'd play with her lips, and sometimes her ears.
During the movie JC or Jamie would laugh or chuckle during parts that weren't funny. The guys would look up at them and wonder what was going on with them. Mostly it was Lance.
"Night everyone." Jamie said after the movie. She hoped up from JC's lap as he held her hand and pulled her back down.
"Night shorty." he said kissing her lightly on the lips.
She stood up complete shock. She soon skipped off to bed.
"Night everyone." JC said shortly after Jamie.
"Night JC," everyone said, with silent laughter. JC then went to bed.
"Did you see them?" Justin asked Chris, as soon as Joey and Lance went to bed.
"Yeah, god! Who didn't?"
"Do you think they were joking?"
"No...I mean I saw them both wink, probably indicating the joke, but I don't think they were playing. I actually think they like each other.
"You do?" Justin asked. "Me too."
"I think they were joking in the beginning, but not during the movie. JC loves that movie. I don't think he would have played while watching it."
"I know what you mean man." Justin chuckled. "I've known him for way too long."
"What does that mean man?" Chris asked.
"Well, I think, maybe, he's getting anxious and just wanting to take their friendship to the next step. He wants more than he has of her."
"I couldn't agree more." Chris said walking up the stairs, "Night J."
"Night Chris," he said as Chris walked in his bedroom. Justin soon went to bed.