Chapter 31


Over the next month, JC and Jamie had gotten closer then ever before, because of this big event. Justin and Samantha were even going strong. JC's scratches healed and he was really excited to perform at every performance.
"Hey! It's August 14th 2000. And you're watching TRl...And we have *NSYNC the whole show!" Carson Daly announced as his show started.
At the #2 request they took a talking time out.
"So, JC, who's the lady you keep staring at?" Carson asked, looking at Jamie.
"Umm..."JC laughed as the camera turned to Jamie and he saw her face, "That's my...uhhh....Jamie come here..."he said. Jamie shook her head 'no'.
"Come on Jams..." Chris and Justin wined.
"Go on..." Sam pushed.
Jamie sighed standing up a quickly walking to JC. JC put a protective hand on her back rubbing it in a circle.
"So, who is this?" Carson asked again.
"Umm..." JC said as Jamie looked at him with a grin on her face and eyebrows raised, because she didn't really think he would actually say it. Even after the MTV news report fans didn't think they were together. JC grinned as he looked into Jamie's eyes.
"JC?...Introduce me man." Carson snapped him out of her eyes.
"Oh, Carson. This is girlfriend."
After the words sunk into Jamie's head she silently gasped realizing he just told the world.
"Well...It's nice meeting you Jamie." Carson said, outreaching his hand to her.
"Yes..." Jamie said, shaking his hand, "It's nice meeting you meeting you too, Carson."
"Well..." Justin hyped up, "Since we're admitting this kind of stuff...Sam...come here." Justin said, motioning for her to join him.
Samantha quickly walked to Justin, "No...." she whispered to him and he just smiled at her.
"I just wanted to say that Samantha, here..." he said wrapping his arm around her waist, " my girlfriend."
"Wow! It's nice meeting you too..." Carson said, shocked Justin had a girlfriend too. But he still shook her hand.
"You too..." Samantha smiled, then turning to Justin with wide eyes.
"What?" Justin laughed.
"I'd say they're a bit embarrassed!" Chris exclaimed.
"Yeah, I'd say." Carson laughed. "But we have to get to the #2 request. It's by BSB." they played the video. After commercial they got to talk to the guys again.
"JC...I heard that about a month ago you got attacked by some fans." Carson said.
" was after a show." JC said.
"How'd you get out?"
"Actually Jamie helped me. She...umm...pushed them away and kept them away until Lonnie got there."
"Wow. It must have been hard to keep 'em away Jamie..." Carson said.
"Yeah, it was." Jamie admitted.
"I heard you got scratched up to. Is it all healed?"
"Not all the way..."JC said, pulling up his shirt and pointing to the scars. He heard everyone scream inside and out as they saw his chest and stomach. The rest of *NSYNC, Jamie, and Samantha laughed seeing the crazy fans inside and outside.
"You'll be fine though, right?"
"Yeah." JC smiled at Jamie as he put his shirt back down. "I'll be alright, right Jams?"
"Yep." Jamie smiled patting his stomach.
"Well, let's get to your guys' video, for the 32nd straight day at #1." Carson introduced the video.
After TRL they were back on the bus for the next town.

Chapter 32

"I can't believe you told everyone, you guys." Jamie exclaimed.
"Why?" JC asked with a smiled.
"Because..." Jamie smiled jumping on JC's lap," just told the whole world that Justin Randall Timberlake and Joshua Scott Chasez have girlfriends." she laughed.
"So?" JC chuckled.
"So?...What are your fans gonna think?"
"Jamie, we've been over this before. The one's that are true fans-"
"Yeah, but most of them aren't like that. Most really do care."
"Well, I don't care..." JC smiled. "Besides, that look on your face when I told everyone...I'd do it all over again if I could."
"Yeah..."Chris laughed, "That was hilarious."
"It was not! It shocked the hell out of me." Jamie laughed.
"Yeah, we saw. Your mouth was wide open." JC chuckled.
"Shut up!" Jamie laughed tickling him.
"Hey you, watch it!" he laughed, tugging her hair.
"Hey! Leave my hair alone!" she laughed.
"No can do. I like touching it." JC smiled as he grabbed a handful of hair and then let it go to slide through his fingers. "It's really soft and it smells so good."
"Chris is that normal?" Jamie asked as JC buried his nose in her hair.
"Nope...but we're talking about JC here...your boyfriend. What do you think?" Justin chimed in, not letting Chris answer.
Later that night everyone was at the hotel. It was about 10, so they were all in there own rooms. Jamie had just taken a shower and wrapped the towel around her body. She slowly opened the door and walked out into the room. She smiled seeing JC over by the clock radio. Her smile got even broader as she caught the look on his face. He was biting his bottom lip in concentration trying to find a station to listen to.
Jamie slowly walked up behind him, wrapping her arms around his lower waist, "Hey..." she whispered in his ear.
"Hey baby." he smiled, as he turned in her arms.
"You almost ready for bed?" she asked as he gave her a quick kiss.
"Yeah..."he sighed. "I'm tired."
"Me too." she sighed hugging him closer.

Chapter 33

"There's been a change in schedule." Johnny announced the next morning down in the lobby.
"What is it?" Chris asked with a yawn.
"We're heading to Bowie today and get there tonight..." Johnny finished.
"Bowie..." Samantha whispered bowing her head as she laid back against Justin's chest.
"You'll be okay." Justin whispered wrapping his arms around her from behind in a hug.
"As long as I'm with you I'll be fine..." she sighed nuzzling he face into his neck.
"Yeah, you will." Justin closed his eyes kissing the top of her head.
10 minutes later everyone loaded their busses and were on their way to Bowie.
"How long are we staying here?" Samantha asked as they entered the hotel parking lot.
"Around 5 days." Jamie answered as she stood up from the couch. She heard Sam sigh, "You'll be fine Sam."
"You'll be fine, babe." Justin said wrapping her in his arms.
"I truly hope so."
"Hey, is there more to the story than what you told me?" Justin asked as everyone else exited the bus.
"Yeah, there's a lot more." Sam spoke quietly.
"I'd really like to know...if it's okay." Justin said.
Sam took a deep sigh and then proceeded to tell him the story. About the nightly beatings. And the worse ones when he was either drunk or she wouldn't do what he wanted. The worst beating the last night she was with him. She wouldn't give him sex.
"Sam..." Justin spoke quietly as she cried into his should, "We'll keep you safe... I'll keep you safe."
That last statement seemed to calm her down. She barely cried now. She pulled back a bit and looked up at him with red, puffy eyes.
"Please Justin... please keep him away. I know he's going to find me. He always seems to."
"I'll try my hardest, okay?" Justin ran his fingers through her hair.
"Okay..." Sam said rubbing her eyes.
"Come on. Let's get out of here and get in the hotel." Justin sighed. Samantha shook her head as she stood up and Justin too. They both walked out of the bus, into the hotel, and up to their room hand-in-hand.
The next morning everyone slept in since they had the day off. Everyone was up by noon though. They all met in JC and Jamie's room.
"So what's the plan for today? Is everyone on their own?" Lance asked.
"Does everyone wanna do that?" Justin asked, "I know I do."
"Yeah. I'm up for it." Chris second.
"Okay. Everyone in favor say 'I'." JC said.
"I." everyone said.
"Okay. So we'll see each other later then." JC smiled grabbing Jamie's hand.
"Yeah, see ya guys." Justin smiled yanking Sam out the hotel door.
"So, where to?" Justin asked her as they exited the elevator in the lobby.
"Mr. Timberlake!" An employee yelped from behind the check in counter. "There's a note for your lady."
"Who's it from?" Samantha asked as she got the note from the employer.
"I don't know Miss. I don't read 'em. I just deliver 'em."
"Thanks anyway." Samantha nervously smiled as she took a few steps away front the counter to sit on a couch near by. Justin followed and sat beside her taking her hand in his. She took a deep breath and opened it:

Hey baby! Long time no hear. Where have ya been? You left and didn't tell me. Why? Oh well. I hear your on tour with the group *NSYNC (of *NSUCK as I like to call them).
Saw you on TRL. Heard you're going out with that Justin Timberlake. But how can that be? I mean you are with me still. We never broke up. Since it's true, I'll just take care of him, since he must have bothered you enough 'til you gave in. ( Hope I don't hurt the boy much.)
Well, I have got to go, but I'll talk to you soon enough. Love you baby.

Chapter 34

Samantha just sat there and stared at the note in her hand for a while. Justin got real worried.
"Samantha, baby. What's wrong? Who's it from?" Justin quietly asked.
"Jordon..." she whispered, still staring at the letter.
"Can I read it?" Justin asked. She handed the piece of paper to him, but her eyes still stared off into space. Justin quickly read the note. He set it in his lap quickly reaching over and grabbing her other hand that had gone up to cover her gasping mouth.
"Samantha, sweety." Justin whispered, "You gonna be okay?" He got no answer, "Sam?" still nothing.
Justin dropped her hands from him. He lightly placed his hand on either side of her face. He carefully turned her head to stare at him. He bent his head down a bit to catch her eyes with his.
"Samantha...say something, please."
"Justin..." she whispered, "I'm scared."
"Don't be scared sweety, please don't. You'll be fine. We'll have body guards around us 24-7."
"I'm still scared...Justin. I know it's so soon, but I think I might go back home. You know, with my brother. Or down to Orlando and wait for you."
"No, you won't. Your fine. I swear you are. He is not going to hurt you."
"What if he does."
"I won't let it happen. I won't let him touch you."
"Justin...please. I'm so scared." she cried as he took her in his arms rocking her in his lap.
"Baby, you don't have to be." Justin whispered placing a kiss on the top of her head, "I'll keep you safe."
"You will?"
"Yeah. I will."
After she calmed down they went back upstairs and decided to stay in the rest of the day.
Over the next 3 days she kept getting several more notes. Justin always kept her calm and collected. He always made sure, she was alright. he never let her out of his sight for more that 10 minutes And she slept in the same bed as him. And every night before he fell asleep he tightly wrapped is arms around her.
"Let's go have some fun tonight!" Joey exclaimed.
"Doing what?" Justin asked as everyone waited for Joey to tell them what he had in mind.
"Go to a club." Joey smiled.
"Yeah! We haven't been to one in a long time!" Chris hyped.
"So?..." Joey waited for everyone else's answer.
"I'm for it." Lance voted.
"So are we." JC told everyone after him and Jamie consulted.
"Sam?" Justin questioned.
Samantha sighed seeing how bad Justin wanted to go, "Sure."
"Good." Justin smiled.
"We'll leave in about an hour." Joey said.