Chapter 35


~*~*~*~*~*~*Hour Half Later*~*~*~*~*~*~
Everyone had gotten to the club. Joey had already found a dance partner. Chris and Lance were working on finding one. JC and Jamie were sitting on one side of a table and Justin and Samantha on the other.
"I'll be right back." Sam sighed, standing up.
"You okay?" Justin asked.
"Yeah, I'll be back." she smiled.
She made her way to the bathroom. As soon as she came out she was greeted by someone she didn't want to see.
"Samantha, baby..."
"Jordan...what are you doing here?" Sam asked, completely terrified.
"I just came to see my girlfriend."
"I'm not your girlfriend." Sam yelled. Some people around looked at the two.
"Let's discuss this outside!" Jordan snarled grabbing her arm.
"Where's Sam?" Justin asked a bit nervous at the time it was taking her to get back.
"I don't know- Wait!" Jamie struggled to get out of her seat.
"What?" JC and Justin asked as they stood.
"Isn't that her?" Jamie asked pointing to Sam leaving.
"Yes. Who's the guy?" Justin asked as they followed.
"Umm..." Jamie stuttered, "I'm pretty sure that's Jordan."

~*~*~*~*~*~* Meanwhile *~*~*~*~*~*~
"Jordan. Let me go!" Samantha said.
"No!" he yelled as he slammed her back against the clubs brick wall.
"Why are you doing this?" Sam cried.
"Because you're mine!"
"I am not!" she stated, closing her eyes.
"Stop denying it!"
"I'm not though!"
"Since you're "not mine", I either have to break him, or break you. Which do you
Jordan's back hand slapped her, "Wrong answer." he said, as he actually lifted her in the air with one hand. "Now, which one?"
"Neither..." she said again.
"Wrong again..." Jordan said bringing his hand back. It came to her face until a hand clamped down on his neck.
Sam fell to the ground as Jordan dropped her. JC quickly ran around Justin and Jordan and began helping Samantha. She clung to him with all she had. JC noticed the blood trickling down her mouth but didn't care as it hit his shirt.
"What the FUCK are you doing?!" Justin yelled as he forced Jordan down to the pavement.
"Teaching my bitch what she did wrong!" Jordan responded.
"Wrong...twice." Justin said slamming Jordan's head into the pavement twice, "Try again."
"Then what do you want me to say?"
"That you're sorry.-"
"Yeah right, ASSHOLE!"
Justin kicked Jordan in the stomach and kept hold of his neck as he fell to his knees, "Are you gonna say it?"
"Yeah right...ouch!" Jordan screamed as Justin tightened his hold, "Okay!...I'm sorry!"
"Not to Samantha."
As Samantha heard her name she looked up at Justin, who was looking down at Jordan's helpless body. Samantha then looked out of her fuzzy eyes, down to Jordan.
"Say it!" Justin yelled kicking him in the ass.
"I'm sorry." Jordan cried.
Justin looked up at Sam. His eyes and face expression softened. "Was that good enough?"
"No." Samantha whispered, shaking her head.
"Say it better mother fucker!" Justin yelled slamming his face again.
"I'm sorry Samantha." Jordan cried louder this time.
Justin shoved him so he fell over on the ground. Jordan quickly stood up and glared at his attacker.
"You wanna go?...Bring it on!" Justin yelled, as his fists clenched at his sides.
Jordan looked at him and walked past him. He justt walked away, without saying anything.
As soon as Jordan disappeared from view, Justin turned to see Samantha starring at him in shock. Justin sighed as he held his arms out to her.
Her cries came out in stutters as she took the step between them and fell into his arms. Justin held her close as he ran his fingers through her hair.
"You alright?" Justin whispered over her cries.
"Yeah..." she cried.
"You're okay... you're okay now." Justin closed his eyes setting his chin on the top of her head, "You're oka... Sam... I wanna tell you something."
"What?" she asked pulling back slightly.
"That I... I... I love you." Justin stuttered.
"You do?"
"Yes, very much."
"I love you too." Sam sighed as she hugged him some more.
Jamie walked around the couple to JC. He welcomed her with wide open arms. She wrapped her arms around his back and he wrapped them around her waist pulling her tightly to him.
She sighed laying her head on his chest. She tightened her grip around him. "I love you Josh."
"I love you know I'll always keep you safe. If it amounts to what Justin had to do, so be it. I'll always keep you safe."
"I know you will. You would do it for anyone."
"Especially you. I'd put a little more effort into it. If anyone hurt you I'd probably
go to jail."
"Why's that?"
"Because I'd probably kill them."
Jamie looked up at him. She placed her hand on the back of his neck pulling his head down. She stood on her tippy toes to meet his lips halfway down to hers. It was a soft meaningful kiss. The kisses they shared always meant the world to them. But this one was more. It meant she trusted him and he sealed what he said with the truth.

Chapter 36

"How's Sam?" Jamie asked Justin over the hotel phone.
"She's sleeping." Justin sighed, running a hand through his golden curls.
"Good." Jamie said, "You know... that was really brave of you today. I'm very proud of you."
"Me too little brother." JC yelled in the phone as he past Jamie in the hotel room.
"Tell JC thank you."
"He says thanks." Jamie smiled at JC.
"No problem." he said giving Jamie a kiss.
"He said, no problem." Jamie said into the phone.
"Thank you too." Justin said.
"It's no problem... That guy was like two times the size of you too. He was pretty big. I'm surprised you could even take him.-"
"Oh thanks Jams!" Justin quietly laughed.
"No, I mean. Your strong and all, but he was huge!" she corrected. "Uh, Justin?"
"Can I let you go?"
"Yeah. Sure. I need some sleep. And so do you guys. We're getting up early."
"Yeah. We'll see ya in the morning. Night."
"Night." they both hung up.

Chapter 37

*The next morning*
"Justin!...." JC banged on Justin's hotel door the next morning, " up!"
"What?!" Justin yelled from his position on the bed, holding Sam in his arms.
"Open up! I need to talk to you guys!"
"What do you think?" Justin asked Samantha with a tiny, yet amazing smile.
"Go open it." Samantha laughed as she heard JC outside about to have a breakdown.
"Fine..." Justin sighed, climbing out of bed and walking to the door, opening it. "What?"
JC rushed in and stood in front of the t.v. "I need to talk to you guys!"
"Come on in..." Justin sarcastically said as he shut his hotel door. He walked to the bed and sat at the end. Sam soon joined him at the bottom of the bed.
"I really need to talk to you guys!" JC exclaimed again.
"What is it?" Sam asked.
"Yeah, you keep saying you need to talk to us, talk already!" Justin sighed.
"Okay..." JC calmly said, "I really....really....I really..."
"You really what?!" Justin exclaimed.
"Wanna marry James!" JC blurted out.
"You wanna what?" Sam asked, completely shocked.
"Whoa..." Justin whispered.
"I wanna marry her." JC repeated, more calmly this time. It was completely quiet for awhile, as Sam and Justin stared at JC and he stared back at the couple waiting patiently for a reaction. "Say something...Anything!"
"That's great!" Samantha exclaimed, as she looked at Justin.
"Yeah!" Justin second.
"Wait. You guys are suppose to talk me out of it." JC said, running a hand through his hair.
"So, you don't wanna do it?" Sam asked, confused now.
"No, I do."
"Then what's the problem?" Justin asked.
"I don't know."
"Are you ready for it?"
JC stood there and thought, "Yeah...I'm ready." JC looked at Samantha directly in the eye, "I'm really in love! I love her!"
"I know you do..." Samantha whispered.
"Will you guys go with me to get a ring?"
"Of course man." Justin smiled patting his friend on the back.
"When?" Sam asked.
"Sometime today?" JC asked.
"Is she still sleeping?"
"Let's go now then." Justin said.
That whole morning and part of the afternoon took them to find the perfect ring. On the car ride back to the hotel JC was both nervous and excited. More nervous though. He didn't know the perfect way to ask her.
"When are you gonna ask her?" Justin asked.
"Today..." he thought, "...maybe."
"Maybe?" Samantha laughed.
"I'm really nervous guys. What if she says no?"
"She won't." Sam reassured.
"How do you know?" JC asked, "Have you talked about it? Did she bring it up? Did you-"
"Whoa boy. Calm down." Sam chuckled, "I just know she won't say no."
JC sighed leaning back in the seat. He just stared out the window, trying to figure out the best way to ask her.