Chapter 38

When they got to the hotel, JC headed right up to the room. He slipped his key card in the door and quickly opened it. He was met with silence. He walked in and found she wasn't there. He went out on the balcony and sat to wait.
Half hour later he heard the door open. He immediately stood and walked back inside.
"Where were you?" JC asked.
"Where were you?" Jamie asked back.
"Didn't you read the note?''
"Note? What note?"
JC picked up the note from the nightstand. "This one."
"I didn't even see it. I'm sorry. I went out with the guys."
"Guys?" JC asked.
"You know...Lance, Chris, and Joey. We couldn't find you, Justin, or Sam."
"Where'd you go?" JC asked as he took her into his arms to hug her.
"Out to eat." Jamie sighed laying her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around him.
"Did you have fun?" he asked tightening his grip around her.
"Yeah. Where'd you go?"
"Out with Justin and Samantha."
"Obviously..." Jamie smiled, "Where though?"
"I can't tell you that."
"Why not?" she whined.
"It's a secret."
"We have never kept secrets from one another."
"This one have to be kept from you though."
Jamie stared at him for awhile. She then pulled back, "Do you have any change?"
"How much do you need?"
"75 cents." JC pulled out 3 quarters from his pocket and gave them to her. She gave him a kiss, "Thanks."
"What are you getting?" JC asked as she walked to the door.
"A pop." she said disappearing out the door.
JC sighed, running a hand through his hair as he laid in bed. He turned the t.v. on and started to watch TRL on MTV. Soon Jamie came back with her bottle of Mr. Pibb. She climbed into bed with JC.
"Can I have a sip?" he asked as she took it down from her lips.
"Yeah..." she whispered handing it to him. He took a drink and then handed it back to her. She screwed the lid back on the bottle and then putting it in JC's furthest hand. She snuggled her cheek into his chest and stared up at him as he watched t.v. with his arms around her.
"What?" JC asked her minutes later, without taking his eyes from the t.v. screen.
"Nothin." Jamie smiled with a sigh. She closed her eyes and got comfortable.
JC smiled as he looked down at her. He gripped her tighter in his one arm. He tilted his head to the side and set his cheek on her forehead. Every once in awhile he would reach his lips to her forehead and kiss her.
Jamie took one more tiny sigh and fell asleep. After the show on t.v. ended, JC turned off the t.v. He slouched down and cuddled with Jamie, soon falling asleep.

Chapter 39

Later that night they were awoken by the phone, "Hello?" JC asked in a slightly groggy voice.
"Hey! Have you done it yet?"
"No, Justin."
"When then man?"
"I don't know. Later." JC stated.
"Are you gonna tell me as soon as you do it?"
"Of course Justin. As soon as I find out I'll rush to you." JC sarcastically said.
"Pulled off the sarcasm really well man. It was drowning in it." Justin laughed.
"Well, I try." JC chuckled.
"Okay...I'll let you go."
"Alright. Talk to ya later." JC said. He then hung up the phone.
"That was J, right?" Jamie mumbled as she clung to JC tighter, forcing him to slouch down and cuddle with her again.
"Yeah..." JC whispered closing his eyes.
"Remind me to beat his ass." Jamie mumbled.
"Alright." JC chuckled quietly.
"Can we go back to sleep?"
"Yeah." JC spoke softly.
"Good." she sighed. They both fell alseep. It was now 9:30. They didn't wake up until morning came.
"Jamie? You awake?" JC asked quietly as she woke.
"Yeah." she spoke a bit louder than him.
They laid in quiet for a while. In the quiet JC began to think, 'I'm gonna do it now...' he thought.

Chapter 40

"Yeah, baby?"
"I love you... you know that right?"
"Yeah," she said as she looked up at him.
"Your the best thing that ever happened to me...We've been "together" for quite awhile now." Since he still had the clothes he was wearing the day before, he still had the ring in his pocket. He stuck his hand in and pulled out the box slowly bringing it up as he talked." I was wondering if you wanted to take our relationship a step further...Will you marry me?" as he said "marry me" he opened the box to show a beautiful ring.
Jamie gasped as tears sprang to her eyes. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked at it more closely. Around the whole ring was little tiny diamonds all the way around the silver hoop.
"Jamie?" JC whispered.
Jamie's eyes snapped to JC's. They were filled with tears. As she shook her head the tears began to fall, "Yeah...I wanna marry you."
"You do?" JC asked, totally relieved.
"Yeah..." she took a deep breath and wiped away the tears as JC took the ring out of the box. He slipped it on her left hand ring finger.
"Now this hand is graced with a ring." JC smiled, kissing her left hand softly.
"It is isn't it?" Jamie chuckled as she gave JC a long kiss.
"Now you're officially mine." JC smiled as he picked up the phone. He dialed Justin's hotel number.
"Yeah? What's up JC?"
"Bring Sam over. I need to tell you something."

Chapter 41

JC soon heard a knock on the door. He went and opened the door. Justin and Samantha came in.
"What's up?" Samantha asked. Jamie was in the bathroom, "Where's Jamie?"
"She ran... I asked and she said no." JC acted very dramatic, "What am I going to do?"
"Oh Josh..." Sam whispered, hugging him.
"I'm so sorry." Justin sighed.
"What am I gonna do?" JC asked as he made himself cry.
"You'll be alright." Justin assured.
"I hope." JC hid his smile as the bathroom door opened and Jamie appeared.
Samantha looked down at Jamie's hand and saw the ring, "Asshole!" she laughed punching JC's shoulder.
"Man!" Justin laughed, "You had us going!"
"What can I say? The Mickey Mouse Club taught me a few things." JC laughed sarcastically, as he took Jamie into his arms. He gave her a kiss.
Samantha took Jamie into her arms and gave her a huge hug, "Congratulations!"
"Thanks." Jamie chuckled.
Justin was next to give her a hug as Sam gave JC a hug. "Congrats James. You'll make hellions...I'm sure." Jamie just laughed.
Justin stuck his hand out to JC. JC placed his hand into Justin's. Justin changed his mind and just pulled him into a hug, "Congrats big brother!"

The End