Chapter 6

The next morning, JC woke up to the sound of the ringing telephone.
"Hello?" JC tiredly asked.
"JC?" a familiar voice asked.
"Yeah?" JC said. "Johnny?"
"Yeah. Do I have news for you and the guys? Plus maybe even Jamie."
"What? What is it?"
"Well, next week you guys will be shooting a new music video. And Jamie can be in it."
"What song?"
"I think, 'That's When I'll Stop Lovin' You.'"
"Cool! I'll be sure to tell the guys and Jamie today."
"Alright. I'll talk to you later then."
"Bye Johnny."
"See ya JC." they both hung up. It was now 9:00 a.m. JC went in the living room and turned on the TV.
10:15 a.m.
Jamie woke up and walked down to the living room.
"Hey shorty!" JC said as she entered the room.
"Hi." she tiredly said plopping down in a chair and curling up into a ball.
"Why don't you go back to bed?"
"I don't want to."
"Oh." JC chuckled.
Soon everyone was awake and watching TV.
"Oh you guys!" JC exclaimed. "I have news!"
"What is it?" Justin asked.
"Johnny called this morning." everyone's ears perked up. "We're shooting a music video next week."
''What song?"
"'That's When I'll Stop Lovin' You." JC said. "Jamie your in it too...If you wanna be in it."
"Oh I do!!" Jamie exclaimed. "How cool."

A week later
"Action!" Wayne yelled.
The scene was with Joey and a girl named Amber. They were at the movies. They were talking and throwing popcorn at each other.
"Ok! The movie starts!" Wayne yelled. Joey and Amber started actin like they were into the movie.
"Scary part....NOW!'' Wayne yelled. As soon as Amber heard him she buried her head into Joey's shoulder. Joey smiled throwing his arms around her for "comfort."
"That's great Joey!" Wayne yelled.
"And...cut!" Wayne yelled.
All the scenes took around 2 hours each. JC and Lance's scene were for the next day.
Justin's scene was with a girl named Sarah. They were at a very expensive restaurant. There they would just talk and laugh.
Chris's scene was with his girlfriend, Danielle. They were at the local park. They were sitting next to the lake having a picnic. They would deed each other all sorts of things.
"That's a wrap for today everyone!" Wayne yelled at around 9:30 at night. Everyone returned home by 10:00.
"Everyone needs to get to bed." JC said, being the leader as usual. Nobody budged from where they were. They all stood there and stared at JC with a smile.
JC pointed up the stairs. "Go! Now! March!" Everyone groaned as they went up the stairs to their room. By 10:15 everyone was in bed.
Sometime around midnight Jamie woke up. She was real nervous about the next day. She needed to talk to someone. She got out of bed and went to JC's room.
She quietly opened his door, stepped in, and closed it again. She tiptoed over to the bed and got in. She always knew how to wake him, because he was a real light sleeper.
She crawled over to him and put her head on his chest. JC quickly woke up and already knew who it was.
"What's wrong shorty?" he asked wrapping his arms around her to keep her warm. "Nothin." she whispered.
"Not true...what's wrong?"
"There doesn't have to be something wrong."
"No, but you only do this if your scared or nervous. Plus you haven't done this since you were a kid." he whispered with a smile, ''so spill."
"Fine, I'm nervous-"
"About the video?" JC questioned.
"What's scary about it?"
"Well, I don't know how to act or anything."
"Just act like yourself. It's a lot of fun. Don't stress over it Jamie."
"I'll like it?" she asked.
"Of course you'll like it." JC chuckled.
" I'm worrying over nothing?"
"Yep. You'll love it." JC said, "I promise you."
"Ok." she whispered closing her eyes.
A few minutes later they were both sound asleep for the rest of the night. Plus that night JC forgot to set his alarm.

Chapter 7

The next morning Lance, Joey, Chris, and Justin got up around 5 a.m. 15 minutes later they were wondering where Jamie and JC were.
Chris and Justin decided to go and find them. They both went to Jamie's room first. They crackled the door open and didn't see her. They both ran to JC's room.
Justin cracked the door open and looked in. He saw both JC and Jamie, on the bed. His eyes got big in shock. Chris pushed the door open and then saw. Chris's eyes got evenly wide.
They both decided to go in. Chris and Justin decided that Chris would be the one to wake them up. When Chris went up to the side of the bed, JC's arms were around her waist and Jamie's were around his body.
"JC!" Chris whispered in his ear. JC heard him and woke up.
"What time is it?" JC whispered, not wanting to wake Jamie.
"5:20." Justin loudly whispered.
"Dang!" JC exclaimed quietly.
"We'll be leaving you two now." Chris smiled as he pushed Justin out the door. They both left.
"Jamie!" JC whispered, shaking her from side to side.
"What?" she wined opening her eyes.
"Wake up."
"Yeah. We have a video to shoot." The word video got her to shoot up.
"Great!" she exclaimed getting terrified once more.
"Jamie...Jamie calm down." JC chuckled walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her. "It'll be fine. You'll be fine."
"I hope so," she said pulling back. She took a deep breath. "No, no...I'll be fine.":
"There ya go, shorty. Repeat that over and over again."
"I'll be ok, I'll be ok, I'll be ok." she repeated. "I'll be ok JC."
"Ok. Now go get ready." he chuckled as she left. JC got dressed and then heard two knocks on the door.
"Come in." JC said.
The door opened and Justin and Chris entered the room, closing the door behind them.
"Why was Jamie in here?" Chris asked with a smirk.
"Yeah...'' Justin smiled.
"Last night she came in."
"Why?" Justin and Chris asked at the same time.
"She was nervous about today."
"She always did that if she was scared or nervous."
" don't like her?" Justin asked.
"Dork!" Chris exclaimed, smacking Justin on the back of the head.
"Ouch!" Justin exclaimed, holding his head.
"Who said I liked her?!"
"Well we thought." Justin said.
"Guys stop it!" JC exclaimed. "She's my best friend. I can't like her!"
"You looked pretty cozy this morning with her JC." Justin smirked.
"Guys!" JC exclaimed pushing them out of his room. "Go get a life!"
"But-" Chris said as JC shut the door.
"I can't believe them!" JC chuckled.

7:00 a.m.
"Hey Wayne!" Justin exclaimed as they walked into the video studio.
"What's Up Guys!?" Wayne said walking over to them. "Ya'll ready?"
"Yeah, can't wait." Lance said.
"We're gonna record JC first, and then Lance and Jamie." Wayne said.
Every crew member set up JC's setting. As they did this JC and Jamie talked.
"You gonna be alright?" JC asked putting a comfortin hand on her shoulder.
"Yeah, I'll be fine." Jamie said.
"Hey after your shoot, you wanna go out for lunch?" JC asked with a smile.
"Yeah, sure. Sound like fun."
"Alright-" JC smiled being interrupted.
"JC! Let's go!" Wayne yelled.
JC's scene was pretty simple. Him and a girl named Bobbi were to walk in the park holding hands and laughing. They were to kiss at least once during the scene and they did.
Their scene was done around 9:15. Lance and Jamie's were starting around 9:30. They needed 15 minutes to set up.
Jamie and Lance were to be the "Romeo and Juliet" of the video. Their scene was at the beach with a little puppy.
"Places people! Lance! Jamie! That means you!" Wayne yelled.
"Just act like myself." Jamie told herself as she went up on the scene.
"Oh how cute!" Jamie squealed as she saw the little bugle running around.
Lance laughed as he watched the puppy lick Jamie's face. "Isn't he? I got Wayne to let us use him."
"It's adorable." Jamie laughed.
"Attention!" Wayne yelled.
Jamie and Lance looked over at Wayne.
"You two have the most romantic roles." Wayne chuckled, "You guys get to kiss a lot. Like a mini-make out section."
"What?" Jamie whispered to herself.
Lance smiled putting a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry it's strictly professional."
"Ok." she said taking a deep breath.
"Ready?...action!" Wayne yelled as the music played.
"Both of you play with the pup!" Wayne directed.
Lance and Jamie's scene was the beginning they both played with the pup. They puppy then made the two run into each other. Lance made the first move and everything went from there.
JC stood nearby watching. He sighed as he watched. He started playing with his hands, which either meant he was nervous or jealous. Really jealous was the only possibility here.
"What's wrong with me?" he asked himself. "Why am I so fucking jealous. I really shouldn't be. I can't believe what's going on."
"Look at JC." Chris said to Justin.
"He's jealous man." Justin said.
"Yeah I know."
"JC stop it!" he scowled himself. ''Control yourself.''
"I feel so sorry for him." Chris said.
"Because he doesn't want to ruin their friendship, so he doesn't go after her and get what he wants and doesn't give it a try."
"Yeah, I'd probably be like that too." Justin agreed.
"I can't watch anymore." JC said and stormed off.
"Where's he going?" Chris asked.
"I don't know...should we go too?" Justin asked.
JC stormed outside. He decided to go for a walk. He started walking around the nearby pond.
"What's wrong with me?" he asked himself out loud. He picked up a rock and heaved it in the water.
"Do I like her?" JC asked himself. "No, I can't....why, on second thought... do I want to? If I didn't why would I get jealous and get butterflies in my stomach when around her or touching her?"
After circling the pond 3 times he came up with a decision.
"I do like her. I really, her." he told himself. "The guys weren't kidding."

Chapter 8
A few moments later JC decided to go back inside. When he took two steps in, Jamie came running up to him and hopped on his back.
"Where'd you go?!" she exclaimed hugging his as she was getting a horseback ride.
"Doing what?"
"'Bout what?"
"What kind of stuff?" she asked hopping down and going back to the front of him.
"" he chuckled poking her.
"Why not" she wined with smile.
"Because you don't need to know.''
Jamie then crossed her arms and pouted.
He chuckled, "You will probably know sooner or later, shorty." he said picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder.
"What are you doing?!" she exclaimed. "JC put me down!"
"Ok." he said flipping her over and tossing her in the air and then catching her in his arms.
"You are so mean!" she chuckled as he set her down.
"What's your point?" he smiled ruffling her hair. He chuckled walking away. A few seconds later he heard someone's feet pounding on the floor. Before he could turn around someone jumped on his back and started tickling him.
"Jamie! Get off!" JC laughed trying to shake her off.
Before long they were in a big wrestling match. Everyone watched and laughed standing around them in a circle.
Jamie then rolled over and pinned JC on the ground. "Gotcha!" She smiled.
"Fine! Truce! I give up!" JC said.
Jamie stood up with a big smile on her face and held her hand down to him.
"You ready to go?" JC asked as he got up.
"Yep." Jamie said holding her stomach. "I'm starving."
"I thought you'd say that." JC laughed slinging his arm around her shoulders. She put her arm around his waist. They then walked outside and got in his car.
"Where to?" JC asked.
"I don't care."
"Chinese it is then." he said with a smile.
"That's fine." Jamie chuckled.
When they got there they sat down and ordered.
"So did you have fun?" JC asked.
"Yeah, especially because I was with Lance." Jamie chuckled.
JC smiled. "I have a question."
"What?" Jamie asked.
"What if, you had to be with me in that scene?" he asked as the waiter came and interrupted them.
"Sweet and sour chicken?" he asked. Jamie smiled, slightly raising her hand. The waiter put the plate in front of her. He put the other in front of JC "Extra egg rolls?" Jamie raised her hand. "Extra crabrangue?" JC raised his. The waiter then left.
Jamie stuffed a piece of chicken in her mouth. "This is great."
"Isn't it?" JC asked.
"Yeah...did I do good at the shoot today?"
"Yeah. You did exactly what you were told."
"Good." a few moments went by.
"So..." JC started. "You never answered my question."
"And what was that?" she asked.
"What would you have done if you had to do that with me?"
Jamie sat back. She started scooting out of the booth. "I have to use the restroom."
JC put his hand on hers and put his foot up to stop her. "No you don't." he laughed. "Jamie, just tell me."
"I don't know, JC. Why do you wanna know anyways?" she asked.
"I just wanna know if you'd do it. Just tell me if you would refuse or not."
"I wouldn't refuse."
"You wouldn't?...Why?" he asked with a smile.
"JC..."she wined.
"Fine, you don't have to answer." JC said stuffing his food in his mouth. Jamie sat there and stared at him as he scarfed down his food.
"Are you mad at me?" Jamie asked.
"No." he said quickly.
"Fine!" she exclaimed, grabbing the keys off the table. "You wanna know why I wouldn't refuse to..." JC looked at her. "...because I think you're a pretty good kisser!" she said storming out the doors. He watched, through the window, as she walked to the car. She got in and turned it on. She turned on the radio and then leaned back in her seat crossing her arms.
"Damnit." JC said with a sigh. JC got two boxes to go. He paid and then went out to the car. He got in and they drove back to the studio in complete science.
When they got there, Jamie got out quickly and stormed inside. As JC walked through the door Jamie slammed it. Chris, Joey, Justin, and Lance were watching the whole episode too.
"Damn..." Justin said. "She's never been this mad at him before."
"Yeah...I've never seen her like this." Chris said.
"Jamie!....Talk to me." JC pleaded as she walked on.
"He always gets her back to normal though." Lance said in a whisper as they watched, everyone was in complete science.
"Why?!" she exclaimed turning to him.
"Because you can't stay mad at me."
"Why not?!"
"Because I'm your best friend and your mine," he said. "You can't throw that away."
Jamie sighed calming down. She turned her back to him, as if she were going. She then started walking away from him.
"Please Jamie..." he pleaded quietly.
She could hear his quiet plea and turned back around. She started walking back to him.
Once she was in front of him she sighed." Why'd you force me to tell you that?" she asked quietly.
"I just wanted to know."
"Because I was curious."
"I don't know."
"Then why'd you press on? Couldn't you tell that I was uncomfortable talking out that?"
"Then why, JC?"
"I know, Jamie Just please don't be mad at me."
"Why shouldn't I JC?"
"Because I hate it when you're mad at me." JC said, reaching down to hold her hand. "Please Jamie." She looked down at their hands and placed hers into his with a tight grip. She smiled. JC grinned pulling her to him and hugging her tightly.
"I love you shorty." JC whispered in her ear.
"I love you too daddy." she whispered back.
"I told you guys," Lance said as everyone applauded. "He always gets her back."
"They're way too good of friends to stay mad at each other." Joey said.
JC and Jamie pulled back and looked at everyone embarrassed.
"I'm sorry, everyone." Jamie said.
JC chuckled putting a hand on her shoulder, "Don't be sorry for it."
"Sorry to stop this thing that's happening, but you guys have one more thing to record." Wayne yelled.
JC, Chris, Joey, Justin, and Lance went and sat on the 5 stools that were sitting up in front of the camera.
The guys finished up around 5:00pm and everyone went home. They were all in the living room when JC decided to talk to Justin and Chris.