Chapter 9

The guys finished up around 5:00pm and everyone went home. They were all in the living room when JC decided to talk to Justin and Chris.
"Chris, Justin...could I talk to you?" JC asked standing up.
"Yeah." Chris said as him and Justin followed JC to his bedroom.
"What is it?" Justin asked.
"Ok..."JC said sitting on his bed. "I've been thinking about what you said this morning."
"Oh, about you and Jamie?" Chris asked.
"What'd you think?''
"Guys...I thought about it today. And...I know I have to have her. Not just as my best friend, but the whole thing."
"That's great JC!" Chris exclaimed. He looked at JC and his sad expression. "But there's a problem?"
"Yep! A big problem." JC exclaimed with a sigh.
"What is it?" Justin asked.
"I can't tell you."
"Well we can't help then if we don't know." Chris said.
"Guess then."
Chris sighed, "She doesn't want to lose your friendship?"
"Her parents said no." Justin smiled.
Chris sat and thought, "Another guy?"
"One from your hometown?"
"One of us?" Justin asked.
"It's Lance." Chris said.
"Yep!" JC said.
"She likes him?"
"Not only that she said she may be falling in love with him."
"What!?" Chris and Justin exclaimed in unison.
"My exact expression too." JC chuckled.
"Well, then.... there's only one thing you can do." Chris said.
"And what would that be?"
"You have to sweep her off her feet."
"How do I do that?"
"Umm....I know." Justin said He then told them his idea. JC and Chris looked at each other in shock.
"That's pretty good Justin." JC said. "It will probably work too."
"Hopefully." Chris said.
"Do you guys think she even somewhat likes me?" JC asked.
"I personally do, she just doesn't know it." Chris said.
"Yep.'' Justin agreed.
The next night
JC turned down the air as he said goodbye. Around an hour later it started getting really cold. JC put some wood in the fireplace and lit it. Soon a great fire was started. JC picked up, the one and only, blanket and walked over to the couch. He lay down on the couch and covered up. Soon Jamie came into the living room and sat at the end of the couch.
"Hey JC! Whatcha doing?" she asked.
"Keeping warm." he smiled looking at her.
"Yeah, that is a good idea. It's freezing in here." she said. She then sat there and stared at the fire, as JC stared at her. He then saw her bottom lip quivering.
He smiled as he sat up and grabbed her waist. He pulled her over and pulled the blankets up around her. The blanket heat and his body heat started warming her up.
"Thanks." she said, turning her head and looking up at him. She then turned back around and looked at the fire.
JC soon wrapped his arms around her upper body and intertwined their legs together. Jamie didn't seem to car, for some reason. She closed her eyes and listened to his breathing in her ear as they cuddled.
They then lay there together for the next 2 hours just talking. At around 10:45, Jamie started getting up.
"Where are you going?'' JC asked quietly keeping her down, not letting her get up.
"I'm going to bed," she said quietly turning the other direction to look at him.
"No stay here." he whispered pushing a piece of hair out from her eyes.
"Why?" Jamie asked, looking in his sea blue eyes.
"Cause I want to hold you." he whispered licking his lips a bit.
"Because, I just want to.... is there a reason I can't be close to my best friend?"
"No...I guess not." Jamie whispered closing her eyes and placing her hand gently on his chest.
'What's wrong with me?' Jamie thought to herself. 'About now I'd be upstairs and in bed. There's something keeping me in his arms.'
JC then started putting his fingers on her face. He started to run his fingers over her eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth.
"JC...what are you doing?" Jamie whispered as he ran his fingers over her lips.
"Nothing..."JC said with a grin.
'I hope he kisses me.' she thought to herself. 'Did I just think that? So I do like him.'
"Are you still cold?" he asked Jamie quietly.
"Yeah, a little bit." she said.
"Oh, poor baby." JC smiled wrapping his arms around her and intertwined their legs again. JC then bent his head down and kissed her forehead. He then kissed her nose.
'Damnit JC, just kiss me.' she frustratedly thought to herself.
'Should I do it?" JC asked himself. 'I really, really, want to...What the hell, I'm gonna go for it.'
JC slowly bent his head down. He brought his hand up and touched her cheek as he pressed their lips together.
'Show her you mean it JC.' he told himself as he deepened their first kiss. He then pulled back slowly and immediately opened his eyes. He saw a smile spread across her face.
'Good.' he thought.
Jamie slowly opened her eyes and looked in JC's eyes. "Have you planned on doing that before today?" she asked with a smile.
"Ummm, yeah. Why, did it seem like it?" JC asked.
"Yeah......because it was perfect."
JC smiled, "So you liked it?"
" made me feel wanted."
"You are wanted, Jamie." JC said, "Jamie, can I tell you something without you running from me?"
"Yeah." she said.
"Ok here goes...the last few days I've noticed really how great you are. I mean I knew how great you were, as my best friend....But I want the other side of you too. Not only do I want you as my best friend, but I want the physical side of you. I want the whole thing. So what I'm trying to say, really ask, is will you be my girlfriend?"
Jamie sat there and thought to herself. 'Do I want him? That means I'd have to give up Lance... But I don't care. I've really started loving JC in the other way, other than friendship.'
"Please, Jamie." he pleaded. "Let me have your heart."
'Very romantic too.' she smiled as she thought. 'I think he'd treat me well too. Know he would treat well.' Jamie smiled looking up at him.
He smiled back down at her. "Be my girlfriend, Jamie."
She looked down at their bodies and how tight he was holding her, 'I want him so much.'
"You want me to be your girlfriend?"
"Ok..."she quickly said.
"You said ok?!" JC exclaimed. He bent his head down and kissed her once more.
They then lay there looking at the fire and cuddling with each other.

Chapter 10


At around midnight Chris, Justin, Joey, and Lance walked in the front door.
"Shhh!" Chris said quietly noticing the two bodies on the couch.
Justin lightly smacked Chris, ''Do you think he did it?"
"Yeah, I do."
Justin, Joey, and Lance went up to bed. Chris tiptoed over to the couch. He lightly tapped JC's shoulder.
JC's eyes fluttered open. A small smile spread across his lips. Chris held up a thumb up and then flipped it over and gave him a questioning look. JC smiled holding thumbs up and then kissing Jamie on the neck. Jamie's eyes stayed closed as she smiled, finding JC's hand and holding it with hers. Chris smiled, holding up thumbs up and then running off to Justin's room. Chris opened his door and then went in closing it behind him.
"What's up?!" Justin asked plopping down on his bed.
"You could say I talked to JC." Chris smiled.
"And!..." Justin anxiously asked.
"And...he did it. She's his."
"Really!? That's great!" Justin said hopping up and down. Justin then calmed down. "I was somewhat in doubt though."
"Why?" Chris asked.
"Because she liked Lance."
"Apparently not as much as JC then."
"Yep. I'm really happy for them!"
The guys soon went to sleep.
That night, the fire went down and JC woke up. He was still holding Jamie. He smiled at the sight of her figure lying next to him on the couch.
'Am I dreaming?' he asked himself. To make sure he wasn't he tightened his grip around her. She slightly smiled, grabbing on to JC's arm. JC smiled, kissing her lightly on her neck. Soon he settled down and felt how cold Jamie really was.
'God! She's frozen," he thought to himself. JC slowly and carefully got up from the couch. He wrapped the blanket around Jamie. He watched as she slowly rolled over and he smiled.
He walked up the stairs to her room. He walked over to the side of her bed and turned on her blanket warmer. He then went to his room and did the same for him.
JC quietly tiptoed back downstairs to the couch. He quickly but gently picked her up from the couch. He stood, waiting patiently for her to get settled in his arms. She swung her arms around his neck. She gently laid her head on his collarbone and sighed.
He smiled walking up the stairs and walking to Jamie's room. He gently slipped her under the blanket, trying not to disturb her. JC quietly walked to her door.
"JC...."Jamie whispered quietly.
JC smiled, turning around and walking to her bedside. He knelt down next to her side.
"Jamie..."he whispered, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing." she said.
"What do you need then?" he asked with a smile.
"Will...will you stay in here tonight and keep me warm?"
JC smiled, "Of course...I'll be right back."
"Ok..." she sighed as he got up and walked to his bedroom. He walked to his bed and turned off his blanket heater. He then walked out to the temp. control. He turned up the heat. Moments later he returned to her room.
"Hey baby...I'm back." he quietly said getting to her side.
She smiled, scooting over. JC quickly got in bed pulling the blanket up over them. He then wrapped his arms around Jamie's waist.
"Come here, baby...." he smiled pulling her to him.
Jamie smiled wrapping her arms around JC's stomach. She laid her head on his chest and intertwined their legs together. A few moments later they still weren't asleep.
"You getting warmer?" JC asked her.
"Yeah..." she said closing her eyes.
"Good." JC said closing his eyes also.
The next morning, around eight JC woke up. He looked down and saw Jamie still clinging to him. He smiled and kissed her forehead. She sighed as her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at JC and smiled.
JC smiled kissing her soft lips. "Morning, baby..."
"Morning, JC." she said giving him another kiss.
"Did I keep you warm last night?' JC asked, slowly rubbing the side of her stomach.
"Yeah, very warm actually." she closed her eyes with a smile and laid her head back on his chest as he rubbed her stomach. He felt her stomach growl and he chuckled. "You hungry?" he asked, with a small laugh.
"Yeah, how'd you guess?" she sarcastically asked.
"Lucky guess."
"Oh wow."
"Come on." JC said getting out of bed and grabbing her hand. "Let's go eat something.
"Hold on.," she said, getting pulled out of bed by JC. They then went in the kitchen and each got a bowl of cereal sitting down at the table.
"JC, when't that music video getting premiered on TV?" Jamie asked.
"Ummm...." he mumbled swallowing his mouthful of cereal. "Wait, it's on today's TRL."
"I can't wait!" Jamie excitedly said. JC just laughed at her.
15 minutes later they finished their cereal. JC went and put their bowl in the sink. Just as they were about to go downstairs Chris entered the kitchen.
"What's UP?!" Chris hyperly exclaimed.
"Hey Chris." Jamie and JC both said.
"Don't forget to watch TRL this afternoon." JC told him.
"Oh, I know." Chris said.
"Tell the others just in case they forget."
"No prob." Chris smiled.
Jamie tugged on JC's shirt to get his attention. He turned his head and looked down at her with a smile, "What?" he asked sweetly.
"I'm goin' down there, alright?" she asked.
"Alright." he said, as she started walking. He quickly grabbed her back into his embrace and gave her a sweet kiss. Jamie then merely walked down the stairs.
Chris just laughed. "So what are you two doing today?" Chris asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
"Man..." JC whined. "God! I swear dude..."
"Dude, I just asked a simple question." Chris chuckled.
"Fine...I'm gonna screw her.-"
"You're WHAT!?" Chris exclaimed.
"Shhh! I was just joking man." JC said quickly. "Damn!"
"Sorry." Chris laughed.
"Man, for real, we're just gonna hang out here."
"Oh, that's cool." Chris said.
"I'm goin, down there." JC smiled, pointing downstairs.
"Alright." Chris chuckled as JC quickly rushed down the stairs.
When he got downstairs he saw the TV. On and Jamie lay on the couch watching intently. He smiled as he tiptoed to the couch. He crouched down and crawled behind her head by the side of the couch. He sat there deciding whether to jump on her or kiss her. He decided to kiss her.
He head was tilted over to the left, so he decided to kiss her neck. He slowly and gently placed his lips to her neck. At first, he scared her and she jumped a bit, but she found out whose lips they belonged to and relaxed. He went down as far as her collar bone and then went back up and reached her lips. By now JC had swung his body around and was kneeling in front of the couch that she was laying on. As he kissed her neck she closed her eyes, ran her fingers through his thick hair, and moaned quietly as he kissed her, because of the tingles and cold chills he sent down her spine.
As he pulled back, Jamie's lips spread into a smile. She quickly scooted over and made room for him. He grinned, satisfied at his work, quickly getting on the couch next to her.
JC laid back wrapping his arms around Jamie's waist. Jamie comfortably laid her head on his chest, flipping to MTV. Around 2:45 Justin, Chris, Lance, and Joey rushed down the stairs.
''Hey guys." Joey said.
"Hey, What's UP?" Jamie asked, turning over to look at him.
"We decided we're gonna watch the video on the later TRL."
"That's cool." JC said.
"Alright." Justin said opening the door. He went out followed by Joey and then Lance.
"Bye Lovebirds..." Chris said as he shut the door behind him.
Jamie chuckled turning back to her original laying position.
Later that night around 8:30 their video came on and everyone was in front of the screen watching. At the end everyone cheered.
"That was cool!" Chris exclaimed.
"Yeah I know."
"Shhhh...shhhh! Carson's talking." Joey said.
"Let's get an opinion from an 'NSYNC fan out in Times Square...Dave...Dave...?"
"Yeah Carson?" Dave Holmes asked.
"Who's down there with you?" Carson asked.
Dave handed the mic to the young women.
"Dude! That's-" Jamie exclaimed.
"Hey! I'm Samantha," the girl said.
"That's my other best friend from Bowie! She's on TV!" Jamie exclaimed.
"What'd you think about the video?" Carson asked.
"I think it was hot! It was....DA BOMB!"
"Why's dat?" Dave asked.
"Because it's *NSYNC we're talking about here. Plus Jamie you did great girl!" Samantha said looking directly in the camera.
"Damn!" Justin exclaimed.
"What?" JC asked.
"She's fine!"
"You're in luck J. She's 19." Jamie chuckled.
"You know a girl from the video?" Dave asked.
"Yeah...the girl with Lance. That's Jamie."
"Well, I have to say Lance was a lucky man!" Carson exclaimed.
"Yeah, I know!" Dave agreed.
"What the FUCK!" JC exclaimed. Joey quickly turned off the TV. "What are they saying? Turn it back on!" JC yelled. "NOW!"
"No." Joey calmly said.
"They can't talk like that about her on TV!" JC exclaimed.
"JC, calm down." Justin said.
"No, I won't calm down!"
"Shh..." Jamie said turning his head to hers and kissing him lightly. JC pulled back with a bright smile on his face.
"JC..." Justin said as he laughed, "You alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine." he smiled. Everyone started cracking up.