"Prelude to a Kiss"


Chapter One

In which the story is set

Chapter Fourteen

Dirty Minds Game

Chapter Two

Seen from a distance...

Chapter Fifteen

Making Progress

Chapter Three

Seen up close...

Chapter Sixteen

Trouble in Paradise 

Chapter Four

'Keep the molesting to a minimum...'

Chapter Seventeen  

Lost in the Big Apple 

Chapter Five

Lies Inside

Chapter Eighteen

A Breakup and a Makeup

Chapter Six

Soy Sauce and Surprise 

Chapter Nineteen  

‘We’re lost, we’re bored, and we’re in suburbia!’

Chapter Seven

A chipmunk on crack and a constipated hamster…

Chapter Twenty  

A Disappointment and a Decision

Chapter Eight

Tensions run high...

Chapter Twenty-One

Rising Action   

Chapter Nine

In which the pranks begin anew

Chapter Twenty-Two, Part I


Chapter Ten

Karaoke and a capella

Chapter Twenty-Two, Part II

Climax Continued

Chapter Eleven

Making good on a promise

Chapter Twenty-Three

The Aftermath 

Chapter Twelve

Rehearsing the song

*new* Chapter Twenty-Four

The Homecoming

Chapter Thirteen

'Excuse me, but when did hell freeze over?'