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Sister Sites  

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  Miss C's Fiction Addiction

Has fanfic, both by Miss C and hosted authors. 


One To Think About

Melody's site. Has fanfic, poems, games, etc. 


  Ideal Dreams

Meg and Tabitha's Site. Has fanfic on all the guys and more.



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Exploring NSYNC

Duck (April)'s site with NSYNC fiction and visuals.


  Breathe Fic

Veronica's site



Krysi's fanfic site


Wishful Thinking

Fanfic site mainly on Justin, JC, and Lance, but more to come


Front Porch Fiction

Elizabeth's site. Home of "Saving Grace."


Blue Midnight

Has several fanfiction stories centering around Lance, JC, and Justin.



'N Sync fanfiction and media, and a nice layout. 


Digital Play

 Kare's 'N Sync site, containing info, chat transcripts, humor, everything.


Celebrity Gardens

 A site by Shandi that features her fiction and a link to her other site, Celeb Fiction and Humor.                    



 Thousands of fanfiction, but no more NSYNC ones. 



 Go here! 



 One of the official 'N Sync sites.



Search for their 'N Sync archive, complete with interviews and pictures.